• Story: Monsters & Other Foalish Things (Update Complete!)

    [Dark] [Slice of Life] The most successful type of "dark" fic... one that plays upon canon characterizations and a firmly established world. Here, Medicshy does it by playing with the most vulnerable of characters, and ones that make the reader leap in apprehension... children. -Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Medicshy
    Description: Life as a filly isn't always easy. Making friends, trying not to be weird, living with the hard times of your past. But when a new filly comes to town stealing Scootaloo's attention and other ponies start to disappear, well, what do you blame?

    A dark tale following Scootaloo and her friends as she tries to unravel the mystery surrounding the newcomer, the missing ponies, and the nightmares that accompany them.
    Monsters & Other Foalish Things (New Chapter 5!)

    Additional Tags: Monsters can be great friends