• Ubisoft and Hasbro Team Up for Consoles

    Earlier today, Hasbro dropped a press release on Twitter announcing that they have teamed up with Ubisoft to bring some of their game-oriented brands to console.  Sadly not a single drop of pony is mentioned, focusing mainly on their board game titles including Trivial Persuit, Risk, and Battleship.

    It does bring up an interesting idea though. With Hasbro working with a major game company like Ubisoft, there is always the possibility of some pony in future games.  They have already tapped into the mobile and PC gaming market (via flash games), and with the MLP avatar gear dropping on Xbox live, it wouldn't be too surprising to see consoles as the next target if that stuff ends up doing well.

    We had this discussion about a year ago, but times change and pony shifts with it!  Lets imagine that Ubisoft does see the dollar signs when it comes to a pony game, what type would you like to see them make? Their genres are vast, including everything from strategy and pet simulators to greatly expanding the concept of free-running with games like Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed.  The choice is yours! Hit the comments up!