• Fighting is Magic Rainbow Dash Theme on Tesla Coil

    We've had Minecraft blocks, floppy drives, and a slew of other makeshift instruments playing various songs throughout the years, but this is the first time I've seen a Tesla coil do it.  As a huge fan of Mr. Tesla, I for one welcome this with open arms!   Head on down below the break to check it out.

  • Dota 2 Character Portraits - Ponified

    In his usual crossover everything style, Yudhaikeledai has created a ton of ponified portraits from Dota 2.  Each is fully animated and focused on a specific character.  Chances are these things would explode someone's computer if I dropped them all below the break, so go hit up his gallery to check them out!
  • Fiesta Equestria Panel Archives

    Unable to attend the recent Fiesta Equestria convention and want to catch up on all of the panels that went on? PVL has set up a huge archive displaying all of them.   Head on over here to dig through it all, and below the break if you want to read the details via their press release. 

  • Equestria Girls heading to TV in Malaysia Early

    NTV7, A channel available in Malaysia, has announced Equestria Girls big premiere via TV as opposed to theaters over there.  This will technically be it's first real debut for the masses, even more the DVD/Blu-Rays release in a few weeks.  Tune in at 11:30 AM on July 28th if you want to catch it, right after the premiere of the second season of pony over there.

    Thanks to Hanafi for the heads up! Find the facebook page for the announcement here
  • Cake Collection Set and Equestria Girls slowly Invading Stores

    It looks like these guys are starting to pop up around the USA at various stores.  The toys up above in particular were located at Riverdale Shopko in Utah, though we have had people report on Target sneaking the collection series out.  It might be time to go hunting! I don't think I'll be picking up any dolls, but the cake family is definitely on my list of ponies to buy for the year. 

    Thanks to Haylee for the image!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #857

    Derpy is too cute to yell at.  She can lose my mail all she wants.

    Have some art while you go find that bill that was due three weeks ago.

    [1] Source
    MLP - The Dim-Witted Mailmare

  • Everything Wrong with Applebuck Season in 3 Minutes or Less

    Applebuck season was the farm pony's big debut episode.  So why did I pick a Derpy image to head this with?   Haven't a clue.

    Have another Cinema Sins parody below the break!

  • Story Updates - July 7th

    Story updates! We have a bunch today.  Find them all below.

  • 1000 Days of Pony!

    Yes, the socks are necessary
    As many of you have pointed out, 1001 days ago pony first popped up on TV's with access to The Hub.  At first, a good amount of people were skeptical.  In fact, I remember an old Cartoon Brew article that essentially called it horrible.  It only took a few days before everyone realized how wrong that was.

    As episode two released, more began giving it a shot, albeit at 2am when everyone was asleep and with headphones on.  Twilight Sparkle suddenly became a thing, and soon a swarm of fans donned pony avatars on just about every forum out there.   I remember talking to a friend in the Geek Squad at Best Buy laughing about how their entire internal forum was plastered in pony 24/7.   No corner of the internet is safe!

    Fast forward to today, and we have become one of the biggest internet fandoms out there.  If you have been around since the beginning, hopefully you haven't completely lost your sanity yet. And if you are new to the pony craze, prepare to lose it eventually!

    Lets hope season four brings about another thousand days.  I for one am having too much fun to stop now.

    (Oh hey, this is technically EQD's 16000th post too.)
  • MLP Panel Times Announced for SDCC

    San Diego Comic Con has announced the times for their Saturday panels, with MLP taking a 10:00 AM slot.  If that last one was any indication, hopefully we are going to get to see a bit of season 4 teasing happen.

    Either that or Tabitha will troll us with Fluttershy turning into a dragon again.

    Thanks to Dan for the heads up!
  • Game: Phoenix Wright - Turnabout Adoption

    Up for a quick romp into the world of courtrooms and investigation?  The Motherly Scootaloo tumblr has released what is essentially a ponified chapter of a Phoenix Wright game, complete with what you would usually expect to find in the handheld version.   If you are a fan of the series, you might want to check it out!

    Head on over here to grab it. 

  • Everfree NW Panel Writeup: From Writing to Storyboard

    Source 1 / Source 2

    (N.B.! Because I forgot to tag the article properly, you may have missed out on yesterday's writeup featuring Amy Keating Rogers' solo panel. Go give it a read if you didn't know it existed!)

    The fandom's been lucky enough to have a super amount of panels featuring staff from lots of different parts of the show, and there's been some cross-department panel programming in the past such as this one between the writers and the VAs. Everfree Northwest 2013 was fortunate enough to splice together a writer and a storyboarder for the first time in brony convention history. Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti and Amy Keating Rogers came together on Friday to discuss their roles in shaping episodes of MLP, so let's hit the break and see what we've learned so far.

  • Random Media: Beep Beep! / Twilight Writes a Fanfic 2

    Remember that Beep Beep animation from a while back? It has been remade SFM style.

    And if that isn't your thing, have more of that Twilight Sparkle writes a fanfic from the other day, because why not! Check them all out below.

  • PMV: Fantasy / Coyote Kisses

    We have two PMV's this time around, both overflowing with custom effects and animation that really sets them apart.You know the drill at this point! Head on down below the break to check them out. 

    1.) Fantasy by Creos Realian (Memories of a Lonely Hear)
    2.) [PMV] Coyote Kisses

  • Worst Pony?


    What do you do as a Great and Powerful magician performing a magic show? You boast! And nopony was more amazing at it than Trixie.  Sadly it didn't last, thanks to a group of ponies living in a tiny town on the outskirts of Canterlot.  While the majority of the crowd was cheering and enjoying the fireworks display, these six mares decided to make it difficult on the entertainer.

    That didn't stop Trixie though! After both her career and life were ruined, the ambitious young unicorn took the first job she could and made enough money in hopes of salvaging what little she had left.  Unfortunately for her, the alicorn amulet just happened to make matters worst, and like this fandom's favoritest of favorite ponies, she was corrupted. It wasn't her fault!

    Worst pony you say? I beg to differ!

    Sure, Trixie may be completely full of her self.  She may even be obnoxious, loud, and kind of a douchebag.  But lets look at her positive side for once! What pony could pull off half a tuxedo as good as Trixie? Nopony, that's who. 

    So next time you dress Fluttershy up in socks, or Twilight Sparkle in hipster glasses, just remember: Trixie could do it better.

    Note: (not to be taken seriously!)