• More Information on Pony Fashion Line

    A few weeks ago, Hasbro held their 2013 Investor Day, where a small blurb mentioned a signature clothing line on the way for the My Little Pony brand.  A few things have come and gone that may or may not have been what they are talking about, but the seeds of interest were planted regardless.

    A new article released by License.mag has detailed an upcoming collection of higher quality Transformers and pony apparel.  Half the focus seems to be on the younger demographic, with kids and newborns taking center stage.  Expect footwear and accessories for them at the beginning of 2014.

    And on the other side of the spectrum, they have apparently signed on designer Alice Vandy for a range of "retro" stuff, though no images are available.  I wouldn't be too surprised if retro meant older gen, but you never know. A direct quote from the article points at a few other things for the more adult fanbase:

    "Additionally, the toy company has signed a series of cross-brand deals that include a kidswear line from Smith & Brooks featuring My Little Pony, Transformers, Furby and Mr. Potato Head; and an adult t-shirt and nightwear collection from Somerbond that will showcase My Little Pony, Transformers, Hasbro Games and Action Man.

    Check out the full article over here! Thanks to James for the heads up!