• Story: Liberate the Sun (Update Chapter 4!)

    [Adventure] ADVENTURE! I love adventure.

    Author: Seether00
    Description: During an expedition to The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, two ponies stumble upon the origin of the alicorns, the state of Equestrian governance before the Princesses' ascension and the truth behind their father's disappearance.

    Blackmailed by Discord, Wallflower and Mayflower are forced to embark on a quest to free the sun from Princess Celestia's control.

    In response, Celestia sends Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash to stop Discord's plans at all costs.

    If having Equestria's most powerful unicorn and fastest flyer in hot pursuit weren't enough, the siblings must contend with a rookie agent of the Changeling hive out to prove her worth, an untrustworthy spirit of Chaos bent on his own amusement and their own strained relationship - all in a game of chess to liberate the sun.
    Liberate the Sun (New Chapter 4!)

    Additional Tags: History, Deceit, Family, Pony Physionomics