• Music of the Day #55

    Chrysalis brings yet another heart filled with music for you all tonight (or today outside the USA).  Head on down below for all of it!

    [1] Source
    Aftermath - Most wonderful of Nights [feat. Princess Luna] (Retrotype Remix)
    Genre: Instrumental - Remix

    [2] Source
    As Shadow Loves the Night - SkyBolt & Moon Shines (I See the Light Tangled Ponified)
    Genre: Vocal

    [3] Source
    ArtAttack - Twistrike (KillerAmp Drumstep Remix)
    Genre: Instrumental - Remix

    [4] Source
    A Broken Heart Restored

    [5] Source
    Crystal Empire - King Sombra [Metal Intrumental Theme Redo]

    [6] Source
    Something to be Remembered By (ft. MEMJ0123 & DanielPony)
    Genre: Instrumental - Ballad

    [7] Source
    Breathe - Error404
    Genre: Instrumental - Electro House

    [8] Source
    Luna - Tarby (Odyssey Eurobeat Remix)
    Genre: Remix - Drum n' Bass

    [9] Source
    crazyoatmeal3 - I Hope My Friendship Will Have Left A Mark (I Will Follow You Into The Dark Rewrite)
    Genre: Vocal - Parody

    [10] Source
    DoubleSharp - Beautiful, Shy
    Genre:  Acoustic

    [11] Source
    Equestria Dude - I'm A Diamond Dog
    Genre: Vocal

    [12] Source
    Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Magic Duel (Euro Showdown Mix)
    Genre: Instrumental - Eurobeat

    [13] Source
    3SPIRIT - Hush
    Genre: Instrumental - Progressive Trance

    [14] Source
    A Broken Heart Restored
    Genre: Instrumenta

    [15] Source
    Genre- Instrumental - Electro House