• PMV: Summertime / PMV - So Disrespectful

    Synching and effects galore this time around. Check them out below!

    1.) Summertime | PMV
    2.) PMV - So Disrespectful

  • Music Remix: Lost On The Moon (Elspongie Remix) / Daddy Discord (Dark Orchestra) / Good Girl (Nicolas Dominique's Medicine Remix)

    This time around, we are remixing some brony music! We have a more electronic/dance focused versions of Lost in the Moon and Good Girl, with some Dark orchestral style Daddy Discord to break it up. Can they beat the originals?! You decide! Check them out below!

    1.) WoodenToaster & TheLivingTombstone - Lost On The Moon (Elspongie Remix)
    2.) Daddy Discord (Dark Orchestra)
    3.) Dasha and The Living Tombstone - Good Girl (Nicolas Dominique's Medicine Remix)

  • Rainbow Dynamite / Rainbow Gangnam Style

    Click for full! Also posted on their Facebook Wall
    Sunglasses were the best addition to season 2 in Friendship is Magic.  You can't refute this, so don't even try.

  • Hasbro Announces MLP Licensing for 2013

    This pie chart represents all of the delicious flavors of pastry that can be put into a single pie tin without any party guests walking away in disgust. It's also evocative of Hasbro's new litany of license announcements for the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. Ponies are popular and Hasbro is aggressively ramping up their marketing efforts to expand into new areas, most especially the Asian markets.

    This License Magazine article details the full story and lists all the companies Hasbro has supplied with a license to manufacture products bearing the My Little Pony likeness. Many of the North American companies are in fact renewals of pre-existing licenses, ensuring the likes of We Love Fine will continue to be able to supply us with awesome pony shirts in perpetuity. Other licenses include companies manufacturing things such as rugs, oral care products, school supplies, and the other usual assortment of items you would expect in a line of children's entertainment products. A notable pickup is the clothing manufacturer Goodie Two Sleeves, a self professed "clean humor" t-shirt company that has not yet produced an MLP-licensed shirt. As they market primarily toward older audiences, there is potential here for another brony oriented clothing line.

    While none of the announcements directly refer to the brony community, the We Love Fine renewal represents a commitment by Hasbro to continue marketing towards us. As they continue to expand and experiment, will we begin to see more and better products as a result? Time will tell.

    Thanks to Vicki Fox for the heads up! Check out the chart they sent below for specifics:  

    Partner company
    Product line
    Goodie Two Sleeves (USA)
    Apparel (T-shirts and hoodies)
    Gertmanian (USA)
    Salesone International (USA)
    New Clothing Limited (Australia)
    Mighty Fine (USA)
    Pan Oceanic (USA)
    Schwager & Steinlein (UK)
    Sundra International (Asia)
    Photo Pack-MX (Mexico)
    School supplies
    Bengawan Solo (Asia)
    Food items
    Church & Dwight (USA)
    Oral care products
    Alikhan Live Entertainment (Asia)
    Entertainment products
    Wei Chang Ching Enterprises (China)
    Bath products

  • Instrumental Music: Octavia's Melody / Dawn of a New Beginning / He's a Dragon

    We have two orchestral pieces and some Jazz for you all today! I guess we are giving the wubs a rest, until later at least.

    1.) Octavian Melody [SandvichParty/Dimondium collab] (Orchestral)
    2.) Dawn of a New Beginning [Original Composition by NomNom] (Mysterious Orchestral)
    3.) Yourenigma - He's A Dragon (Jazz)

  • Reminder: Royal Wedding Encore this Saturday!

    For those of you that missed the Royal Wedding event way back in April, or if you are just in the mood to re-experience all the silly monologues before commercial breaks,  The Hub is doing an encore celebration on the 8th!

    Tune in to at 10:00 AM ET or  7:00 AM PST to check it out! 

    And judging by past encore celebrations, usually something like this leads to a new season.  Maybe we will see a hint of it?  No guarantees, but we can dream right?

  • Madman Volume 5 DVD Pony Set Pre-order Details Announced!

    Note: Australia has a different date format, you don't need to flood me with corrections this time!
    Madman has tossed up the 5th DVD in that box set a bunch of you are slowly building. Titled "Best Friends Forever",  the release date is slated for December 5th, just three months after the October "Fun, Games, and Friendship" DVD is sent out.   

    Note: These are still only coded for region 4.  If you don't have a DVD that supports the format, you will not be able to run them.

    Thanks to NPCUSER for the heads up!
  • Charitable Action Mega Post

    Cadance thinks that now is the perfect time to reach out and help somepony. Or maybe pop bubbles. It's definitely one or the other. Or maybe both! But while you'll have to supply your own bubbles, the brony community has no shortage of charitable causes for you to support right now. We've been getting e-mails left and right about a myriad of wonderful drives and donations, and I'm assembling them all into this post for your perusal. Check below the page break and take a look. I hope you'll find a worthy cause for yourself within.

  • Drawfriend stuff #555

    Who gave Derpy a portal gun?  Do they even realize what they have unleashed upon the world?

    And as a reminder: We want to do an Applejack celebratory Drawfriend on Saturday.  This will be rolling with the same standards as normal ones for quality control, and will probably include some of the older awesome AJ images.  So draw some badass Applejack art!

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    gamer luna fan art, 2nd contest

  • Comic: Eggs!! / Dark Magician Trixie

    We have just two comics this time around! First off is something all the Doctor Who fans will probably enjoy, followed by a bit of demon summoning.  Click for full!

  • Vocal Music: Make Some Time to Close Your Eyes / Dear Celestia / Berry, you're a fine mare

    Vocal time! Even Applejack got one this time around.  We have some chill rap for Applejack, a ballad to Celestia, and a Berry Punch parody in the last slot.  Check them out below!

    1.) Make Some Time to Close Your Eyes
    2.) Dear Celestia-Giggly Maria & PhillyPu [100 sub special]
    3.) Berry, you're a fine mare

  • PMV: Lights Out // Ponies WTH // Doodle //

    Oh. Um. Uh.


    Hi, Rarity.

    Three PMVs for you this hour: some Mindless Self Indulgence, an Anthology-type video, and one with some Tombstone in it!

    1) Lights Out - PMV
    2) Ponies WTH (What The HAY!?) EP 2
    3) [PMV] Doodle - Temporal Walker & The Living Tombstone

  • Story: What You Can Imagine

    [Dark] "This story is not so much a story as it is an experience; I recommend it to anyone looking for something out of the ordinary. This one will make you think a little." -Pre-reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: darf
    Description: A place where ponies can go to have their fantasies brought to life. A young colt finds himself asked by invitation only, as all the clients are. He's not sure if he belongs, and as he discovers more about the strange boutique and how it works, he becomes less and less sure about his patronage - and more and more bewildered by the idea of 'fantasy' and what it means to want something that might never be real.

    What You Can Imagine

    Additional Tags: A story about unseen possibilities
  • Bronyville Episode 070 - Friendship Abridged + An Interview with the CMCs!

    It's Wednesday! So that means another brand new episode of Bronyville Podcast with Apple Cider and Chef Sandy. This week our two hosts:
    • Interview with Camaraderie is Supernatural - Gamebuddy and Cyberlink guest on the show and talk about their FiM abridged series
    • Interview with the CMCs - From our recorded live show during EFNW. Michelle Creber, Claire Corlett, and Madeleine Peters stop by to be silly and talk about their roles at the littlest pony crew. WARNING - this recording is ridiculousness sweet. You have been warned!
    • Contest! This week - Donate $5+ to Bronyvillepodcast.com and enter for a chance to win a Lyra and Trixie toy.
    And as always you can listen live Saturdays, Noon PDT / 3 PM EDT / 7 PM GMT at justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast. Can't make it to the live show? Then listen at Bronyvillepodcast.com or subscribe on iTunes.

    Image by Tetrapony.
  • TruffleShuffle - European Officially Licences Shirt Shop - Seeking Feedback

    This is a pretty huge one for all you folks over there in Europe.  Truffleshuffle wants your help in decking out their store with more pony shirts for you all.  Their current FiM stock is a bit limited right now, and they want to expand!

    Head on down to the comments and let them know what you think, or drop some suggestions for more future designs!  They are still working on getting new vectors in, so try to focus your attention on other aspects of the shirts.