• Luna Says Pay Attention To Mars Instead Tonight

    Go watch it!

    EDIT: The Curiosity rover has successfully landed on Mars!


  • Discussion: Do you Openly Show off My Little Pony in Real Life?

    You are all here because you have some form of dedication to a show about cartoon equines discovering the joys of Friendship.  Obviously, many would see that as a taboo subject, and because of this, I'm sure each of you have your own way of reacting to it outside of the comforts of the pony filled internet.  You really can't go anywhere in the electronic world without running into at least a forum avatar of Rainbow Dash.   This isn't so for real life!

    So how do far do you stretch your ponydom into your every day lives?   Do your friends and family know about it?  Or are you completely secretive with not a trace of it outside of your computer?

    And while you are here, what is your favorite part of the actual community aspect? This can include meetups, music, art, fan videos, and anything else we create that isn't officially produced by Hasbro or their affiliates.

    tl;dr: What is your power level?
  • Music: Say, Applebloom! / Heaven / Elements

    We have a mixture of music in this one.  Applebloom gets a song from Cyril, F3nning tosses some Xtreme Autotune™ out, and Zahqo gices us some electronic.  Head on past the break for it! 

    1.) [Rock] Cyril the Wolf - Say, Applebloom!
    2.) F3nning - Heaven
    3.) zahqo - Elements

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Stalkerloo

    Ever gotten that feeling that you're being watched yet looked around and saw nothing there? Well, that feeling could very well be caused by the cutest little spy around: Stalkerloo. A tumblr filled with spy humor that plays off of Scootaloo's hero worship of Rainbow Dash and other scenarios it's certainly worth a read if you've delved into any sort of stealth game, movie, or novel. Combine that with great art and you end up with a fun tumblr experience!

    Ask Stalkerloo - Archive

    As always, send any tumblr recommendations to either [email protected] or to my Twitter account @CalpainEqD. Couldn't have this feature without all your recommendations!
  • Blast from the Past #12

    It's been a couple weeks since our last trip down memory lane, so hopefully today we've got some awesome things for you to reminisce about.

    As always, I can't do this feature without the help from all of you! Send me any suggestions to either my email at [email protected] or my Twitter account: @CalpainEqD

    Sit back, relax, and have some popcorn if you will! Time for another Blast from the Past!

  • Comic: Reluctant Huggles / Children of the Nighty / Rising Darkness 20-24

    Who could resist Fluttershy? I know I can't.   Rainbow Dash is just spoiled from being around her all the time!

    The third comic is actually the next series of pages for the Rising Darkness multi-parter.  Start here if you have never read it.

  • Comic: Luna's Unusual Request / Unique Delicacy / Convincing Performances

    We have a madmax comic (which it looks like is in continuation with this one), Twilight Sparkle being ridiculous, andfinish off with some behind the scenes DHX Stuff!

  • Doctor Whooves Adventures Episode 4

    Doctor Whooves Adventures has released their 4th episode! This one clocks in at a whopping 42 minutes, so I hope you guys have some free time to spare for the good old timelord himself! Ponyland can't handle the crazy. Check it out after the break!

  • Instrumental Music: Nightmares and Night Mares (StormWolf Remix) / Sky Fire / Stroke of Red / Solar Empire VS Lunar Republic

    Time for some instrumental stuff! We have both orchestral and electronic mixed in this time around.  Head on past the break to listen.

    1.) Icky - Nightmares and Night Mares (StormWolf Remix)
    2.) SoaringFlight - Sky Fire (Trance)
    3.) Michael A. - Stroke of Red [feat. Icky] (House)
    4.) Radix-Solar Empire VS Lunar Republic (Orchestral)

  • Drawfriend Stuff #524

    Adventure Derpy! I would kill for a series like that. We need more clumsy/ditzy crazy main characters.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Derpy's and Carrot Top's journey
  • Comic: Close Enough? / Minty Fresh / Soon to Bloom

    Derpy truly is the best pony. Who else could you count on to get pineapples out of an apple farm?

    Comics guys! Click them for full.

  • Atomizer - Typography Animation

    Yes, that is in fact a friendship nuke.  This definitely isn't your every day typography!  Atomizer was a song released by Tombstone and Ibeabronyrapper a while back, and now it has something to compliment it! Check the video out after the break.

  • High Quality Poster Scans

    Pixelkitties has uploaded the other three posters in high quality (though not 15mb crazy resolution like yesterday due to her poor Dropbox account being axed).  At least you can get a clear view of all of the awesome little plugs each one has.  These things are straight up awesome.  I really hope we get more chances at them outside of Wal-Mart.  I haven't had any luck at all with the stores yet here in AZ.

    Click the images to go to her deviant art pages for the full sizes! 

  • Untitled

  • Story Updates August 5th (Morning)

    Lots of completed stories tonight!  We don't see a lot of that.

    We also dont see many of them actually complete.  I bet you 10 bits one of those will bust out a sequel!

    Have some non complete updates!
  • Story: Treasure in the West (Update Sequel Part 18!)


    Author: DiveBomb
    Description: When an unexpected heat wave scorches Appleloosa, Braeburn finds himself unable to save his family's apple orchard. That is, until he meets a certain pony whom he thought to be fictitious. The mare tells him of a treasure that is said to be buried in the town of Dodge Junction, and asks for his assistance in finding it. Will the tales of Cunning the Colt's treasure prove to be true, or were they simply folktale?
    Treasure in the West

    Colt of the West (New Part 18!) 

    Additional Tags: Treasure, Friendship, Western
  • Story: Displaced (Update Sequel!)

    [Dark][Sad] Human in Equestria got through?! Amazing!

    Author: Seven Fates
    Description: The wheels of fate turn in mysterious ways. When a unicorn colt has an accident on the edge of the Everfree, nopony knows who he is. Assuming his brain was jostled by the accident, they ignore his absurdist notions of not being from this world, and not being a pony at all. However, when he is involved a terrible incident that threatens the lives of his only friends in the world—Ponyville's three most rambunctious fillies—their friends and family begin to pay more credence to his claims.

    For Warren Ashland, the clock is ticking as a chain of events that was set into motion the moment he woke in Equestria comes to a vicious head. The time will come when he must decide whether he wishes to stand alone as a human in the Equestrian world, or give it all up for his newfound friends. His actions will shape the lives of those around him.

    Displaced (Alternate) 

    Additional Tags: Long, Emotional, Self-rediscovery, Fight for Equestria, Friendshipping, Human in Equestria

    Description: It has been three years since the rogue Draconequus Morrigan threatened the stability of Equestria, and a further three since the defeat of Nightmare Moon. Since then, life has settled for even Equestria's newest resident, Goldenrod. However, following a bizarre celestial event, Twilight Sparkle has received not just a quest from Princess Celestia, but one that has the fate of the Mother of all Alicorns in the balance. If they fail, it's not just the Mother of the Alicorns that will die; all Alicorns and the peace they bring to the world will die out with her.

    The fate of Equestria rests in the hooves of Twilight Sparkle and her ragtag team Celestia's chosen and participants in the 'Morrigan Affair'. Can they restore the artifacts binding the Prime Elements to Mother Gaea before it is too late, or is Equestria doomed to a dark fate beyond all imagination? Only a strength of spirit and a faith in each other will allow them to prevail.
    The Gaean Crusade (Sequel Part 3!) 

    The Gaean Crusade (Alternate)

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Long, Snark, Dungeon Crawling
  • Nightly Roundup #398

    Amaterasu and Rainbow Dash edition!  Because why not?

    Have some roundup.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 4

    Unbeknownst to all but the most dedicated historians, the Wright Sisters were the original pioneers of the mare mustache. These brave explorers taught us that it's ok to rock the facial hair when flying your totally superfluous prop plane. Who knows where the world would be without them? Frankly, I don't want to know. In any case, this breathtaking, bold, and beautiful depiction sits in a museum alongside 946 equally wonderful compatriots. And in the middle of all of your weekend plans, no less! Very impressive, everypony. You're the best students I could have hoped for. Our grand total for the event is now 3468 entries. Beautiful!

    To submit for Day 4, simply head on over here. I can't get over how much easier this section is compared to last year when I had to pull out huge submission guideline paragraphs every day. Now it almost feels like I'm cheating.

    Now that we've thought about ponies alongside other parts of the world, let's try tackling them within physical space. Today's theme: Draw a pony on a hilltop/Draw a pony at their peak. A word to the wise for anyone worried about their backgrounds or those looking for an extra challenge: every NATG theme comes packaged with at least three alternative and punny interpretations that will let you get away with anything short of murder. Make me proud!

    But now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the Day 3 Gallery! Head on over to Pinkie's Pranks and Pointy Weapons Emporium and check out all of the awesome art. I don't know what it was about the word 'prop' that set you guys on this path, but brace yourself for a heck of a lot of swords. 'Pony with a bladed weapon' was last year, ya know. Do you want me to try out a couple of classic themes this year? Discuss in the comments!