• Comic: Foalhood Comfort / Gathering Thoughts

    Now that right there is how you do a Dawww comic.  Poor Twi...

    And some Luna below, because Luna is ridiculous.  

  • Poll Results: Best Major Song of Season 2

    Looks like you guys share my love of villian songs!  I think we have recieved around 40 remixes of it so far, and 20 Lion King PMV's.   (Those numbers are totally made up).

    Next on the list: best mystical creature of season 2!  That manticore in the second episode is a pretty big part of why I ended up watching Friendship is Magic, so I have a special affinity for the dungeons and dragons/mythology shoutouts.  This will only include new creatures, so phoenixes, dragons, and griffons are not included. 
  • Trixie and Lyra Spotted on Kmart.com

    Thanks to some diligent bronies over on Ponychan they were able to catch at Kmart.com what looks like the first listings of those new MLP toys we saw at the toy expo a couple months ago. So far they have Trixie, Lyra, and a small assortment of others up on the site for purchase it seems. The toys also come with a copy of Lesson Zero so there is another episode to add to your DVD collection.

    Now these are just initial postings and apparently Kmart has an organizational problem that might make placing an order at this time result in you receiving a different pony than you ordered, so just a word of caution to you all.

    You can find the thread detailing the discovery here.

    Check after the break for more pictures and for links to the toys themselves!

  • My Little Pony Project in LA Livestream

    It looks like Welovefine has set up a livestream for the My Little Pony project going on right now over in LA.   This specific event looks to be a toy art galllery according to their writeup for that found below: 
    May 5, 2012 7pm-11pm
    MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 Launch Event at Toy Art Gallery
    7571 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
    May 5th marks the launch of the MY LITTLE PONY Project 2012 art exhibition, curated by Sweet Streets, and pop-up shop with a dazzling opening night celebration at Toy Art Gallery. Twenty-five notable artists have created their own one-of-a-kind painted MY LITTLE PONY 18-inch vinyl figures. The customized ponies will be available for sale during the run of the exhibition, ending May 26, 2012. Ten percent of the sales from the MY LITTLE PONY one-of-a-kind ponies will be donated to Give Kids The World. Music at the launch party will be provided by Dim Mak. Beginning the week of May 1, artists COPE2, Buff Monster, Indie184, and others will paint pony-inspired murals at Melrose boutiques De La Barracuda and Joyrich.

    Head on over to this page to check it out!

    Or after the break

    Or here if you want a chat room.

  • Pony Fantasy 6 Rom Hack

    Time for a NOSTALGIA bomb, with the added bonus of ponies! BossmanJohn over on Youtube has been working on a Final Fantasy 6 rom hack that replaces all of the characters and text with ponies. There are a ton of videos showing it off, and we have been told that the actual project is pretty much complete minus a few small tweaks. If you have found yourself wanting to relive the good old 2D RPG days, this is probably the best way to do it, and get your pony fix to boot!

    I'm going to toss his Discord video after the break, though you should probably check out his channel, as this video is a bit old. It's still really impressive though to see all the characters in pixel form like this though, especially Discord himself.

    Also, he has the best desktop, just sayin~ 
  • Music: This Day Aria - Arranged for Organ by Octavia / Magic / My Special Somepony Is A Rapper

    Quite the mix of remixes this time around. First off is an organ version of This Day Aria, followed by an extended Twilight theme from Boast Busters, and finishing off with a rap version of one of Mandopony's songs. Find them below!

    1.) This Day Aria - Arranged for Organ by Octavia
    2.) David Larsen - Magic (MLP Music)
    3.) My Special Somepony Is A Rapper (Gryfinz befriends MandoPony)

  • PMV: Pony-Chapp

    It's almost... hypnotic in a way.   And Twilight Sparkle singing in beeps is also entertaining for some unknown reason. 

    I'll let you draw your own conclusions though.  Check it out after the break!

  • Welovefine - New Pony Hoodies with Ears, and Piles of Chrysalis

    Welovefine has added these new hoodies to their lineup.  It looks like a modified version of their old pony face hoodies, with some ears and hair for good measure.   I'm sure we will see a ton of these at the upcoming summer conventions!

    They also added a whole mess of new Chrysalis shirts.  Considering her hostile takeover of our art posts for a week, I'm pretty sure these will do well.

    Anyway, check out more after the break, or the recent addition section here

  • 13 Year Old Girl Releases Smile Song Cover: Hearts Stop

    As seen on Daniel Ingram's Facebook
    Zabrina is awesome and better at music than me despite being more than a decade younger. Please check this song hidden behind a dastardly page break while I reevaluate my life.

    Warning: Equestria Daily is not responsible for any heart attacks or brain stoppages resulting from the following video. Enjoy pony responsibly.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #417

    It has been at least a 3 days since the last Chrysalis header.  Clearly this needs to be amended. 

    Have some art!

    Source 1

  • Ponystock 2012 at Everfree Northwest

    So, we derped yesterday and a bit of miscommunication made us miss this one for the convention roundup.  Everfree Northwest has a musician guest list that was going to be included.  Have it now instead! Check it out after the break. 

  • Story: Hereditary

    [Sad] [Slice of Life]

    Description: Every couple of months, Derpy visits the hospital for an appointment that only she and her roommate know about. Since the start, she's convinced Dinky that she simply had some errands to run each time. However, one day she believed that her daughter should learn the truth about where she goes and why. What has Derpy been hiding from her, and what could it mean for Dinky?


    Additional Tags: Heredity, Hospital, Heartbreak, Emotional
  • Comic: Johnny Bravo Visits Equestria 2 / Knight Mare Moon / The Awkward Moment

    Johnny Bravo likes the ponies apparently.  I'm just going to roll with the idea that he chases after all the sapient ladies.

    We also have Luna being ridiculous, and Twilight being Twilight.

  • Music: Some Ponies that I used to know / Somepony That I Used to Know / Never Never Never

    Time for some vocal stuff! We have two parodies and an original in this one. Check them out below.

    1.) [Singing] Some Ponies that I used to know - Shwabadi (Gotye Parody)
    2.) Somepony That I Used to Know (Gotye Pony Parody)
    3.) [SoGreatandPowerful + Psychedelic Brony] Never Never Never

  • Ponified Trailers: The Rainbow Knight Rises / 300 Ponies / Twister Pie / Ponycraft II: Queen of the Swarm

    Time for some ponified movie trailers. I'm sure you can guess what each of them actually are.

    1.) The Rainbow Knight Rises Trailer 3
    2.) 300 Ponies
    3.) Twister Pie
    4.) Ponycraft II: Queen of the Swarm

  • Story: I Am A Monster

    [Sad] [Shipping] [Dark]

    Author: Vladmir Cavallo
    Description: Sometimes a monster is not born. Sometimes, a monster is created.

    Discord, the Spirit of Chaos, is not a being that is easily understood. But even amidst his strange behavior, he still has memories. Memories that torture him to this day. Memories of rejection, memories of madness, memories of confinement...and the memory of his first love, and how it broke both his heart, spirit, and mind. This is his story, where Discord tells both the events that you and I know him for today, when he was released from his prison and enacted revenge upon Equestria...but he also tells a story seldom told, of how he merged with the monster he was made out to be.

    I Am A Monster

    Additional Tags: History, Reminiscing, Rejection, Alternate perspective
  • Story Updates May 5th (Morning)

    Story update time! That is totally a house. 

  • Music: SoGreatandPowerful & Tsyolin - Indelible Ink

    Jazz and Inkie Pie? The pony alone hasn't had much music, but vocal Jazz is even more rare.  Have some of that after the break for your nightly media post!