• Welovefine Contest Final Stretch, Plus New Princess Shirts and a Map!

    Welovefine has added a whole bunch of new shirts for you all to dig into.  It's all out war between Luna, Celestia, and Cadance right now.  Based on that recent poll, I'm going to guess Luna will come out on top, but who knows, maybe you all changed your minds after that poll from a few days ago.

    You can also find a couple of new designs dedicated to Mayor Mare.  I haven't seen a whole lot of shirts with her on top.  It's about time!

    And if emblazoning yourself with pony isn't your thing, maybe your walls would be more appreciative?  They have tossed up a brand new map of Equestria based on the Walmart one.  For whatever reason, I'm getting a sort of Bioshock vibe out of it.  Maybe it's the whole circular window thing.

    And finally, if you are in the mood for some digging, the rating period for their shirt design contest ends tonight! If you still want to get your votes in, head on over here to get your two cents in! 

    Head on down past the break for images of all the new swag, or hit up their my little pony section directly!