• Discussion: You are now in charge of EQD!

    Yeah, she knows shes screwed.  You had a good run Trixie.
    With season three taking forever to come out, the staff here on EQD have purchased an island in an undisclosed location to relax on for the remainder of the pony hiatus.  Unfortunately, the island is also a part of an Amish reservation, so there isn't any internet.   Time to crowd source EQD!

    You can do anything you damn well please with it while we are gone.  Want to convert it into a shrine to all things Pipsqueak?  Or maybe the blog needs to be a bit more fallouty?  Sick of ponies and want to run news on Gravity Falls instead?  Go for it! It's all yours!  You have until season three begins.

    Head on down to the comments and run EQD your way!