• The Russian Brony Groups Have Already Met Up for the Generation 5 MLP Movie! Send Your Meetup Pics!

    With the early release of My Little Pony: A New Generation in Russia, a group in St. Petersburg Russia decided to hit the movie up as a group. With the movie right around the corner for the rest of the world and already airing in several countries, it's time to celebrate our in-person communities with some pictures!

    If you have a meetup and want it shown off online, feel free to send it to [email protected] with MOVIE MEETUP as the subject. Include location so we can properly tag it. Of course, follow current health guidelines guidelines and mask up and be vaccinated if meeting in a big group. Lets be safe out there!

    We will close submissions 2 weeks after the movie airs on Netflix. I think at that point it's released pretty much everywhere. Feel free to send Netflix release party images too!