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    • World’s cutest flying Pomeranian? What the ruff?
    • Equestria Girls needs a series finale
    • Stop Harassing People Over A Ship
    • What if Pinkie Pie took Applejack's place in Sounds of Silence?

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    World’s cutest flying Pomeranian? What the ruff?
    By: ManaMinori

    I have seen a handful of people show some amount of skepticism regarding the g5 synopsis. Now, I understand, with the limited amount of information that we have available thus far, things are still very much in the air, and so a lot of speculation has been going around as pony fans simply try to fill in the blanks. I have seen the fear of this Pomeranian being some sort of hybrid that might act as the series mascot to the main characters, but no other possible theories being suggested. So what is the deal with the flying Pomeranian? Why is it in the synopsis? What importance will it have?

    With nothing but time on my hands, and an idle mind left to wander (which I’ve heard can be a dangerous thing), I started thinking about this, myself. Rather than a dog simply having a pair of wings and being some sort of magical creature that existed only in Equestria, like the Pigasus seen in the MLP comics, I kept imagining this dog being fired out of a cannon to have to fly through the air, instead. Now, before you guys speed dial PETA hear me out. What if this flying Pomeranian was a circus performer? And being an acrobatic canine that got shot out of dangerous artillery for others’ amusement was just part of the territory?

    What if this flying Pomeranian was linked in some way to Izzy, and her being lost? With the dog performer having been part of a traveling circus, what if Izzy- with her bright and bubbly personality- one that would fit in right among a troupe of performers- might’ve gotten separated from the others as the circus stopped at Maretime Bay and then departed without her, accidentally? A flying Pomeranian does seem like it would work well as a partner to Izzy, once they’re reunited- and perhaps, given what we’ve seen so far, she could even save that tennis ball on her horn for it, when she reunites with hit.

    If, of course, that is what the show writers intended to do, with how they incorporate that flying dog. If not, then the fans have some fanfic fodder to work with, with this crazy little theory.


    Equestria Girls needs a series finale
    By: FlareGun45

    Remember the plan I had to bring FIM back for a 25th Anniversary special? Well, three years after, there could be an Equestria Girls one too, and I'm pretty sure the EG one is a bit more important than the FIM one. Why? Cause Equestria Girls ain't finished.

    At least FIM had a more or less satisfyingly conclusion, but Equestria Girls, it just ended on a Holiday special filled with shorts just crammed together, and then the "series finale" label was smack-tabbed onto it. It concerns me how arrogant Hasbro is with being so careless of their shows only to sell toys. They coulda just given the EG team a chance to make a finale, at least a fair warning, cause they just cancelled it *snap* just like that.

    To make it feel more like a finale - they need to have the girls finally graduate from High School, and more importantly, figure out how to solve the magic problem. Honestly, it doesn't look like very safe, the magic could potentially cause HUGE dimensional rifts - it might not be enough for just magical artifacts to make it through, this could bring both the human world and the pony world into utter chaos (as Discord would probably want). Plus, it's already bad enough that the EG timeline is so wonky - first it's the Fall formal, then the Spring games, Spring break, and then it's the holidays, and one of the shorts had the girls go through finals already, so all that's left is the last day of school, and graduation, time to think of college, and time to think about how you seven are gonna stay friends since everyone is moving on to college.

    The EG finale has alota potential in it - and while the series wasn't really my favorite to begin with, at least the series could end on a high note - make good outta a bad situation. Hopefully someday Hasbro will have some sense smacked into them, and EG can finally have the finale it deserves. It wouldn't be as popular as the FIM anniversary special, but it would still be up there! It all depends on how much of a story the writers could make.

    Stop Harassing People Over A Ship
    By Comet

    It’s no doubt that people will disagree on certain ships. But there’s also no doubt that people harass someone over it. I get that don’t people ship a certain thing or they just hate the ship. But dear celestia do people have to throw a tantrum over it! Just because you hate that ship does not mean that you should act like a jerk and tell others that they shouldn’t ship it. It’s their ship, not yours. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on ships and you shouldn’t be mean to them. Though shipping characters with their blood relatives and that one word (which I don’t want to say it because I might get in trouble for using such word) is a completely different story, and that’s not ok.

    Ever since the last episode came out, AppleDash and Fluttercord have been left to open interpretations. Meaning that the show staff aren’t confirming or denying those ships to be canon. But just by those words they made, some people automatically assume that, “IT’S NOT CANON!” It’s up to the individual of what they believe to be canon. You can’t make the call for everyone. Nor should you force other fans. Just because we didn’t see it happen on screen with either one or two of them, doesn’t automatically mean that it’s not canon. A lot can happen in 2 decades.

    People say you shouldn’t force a ship to be canon. Yes, that’s true. But stuff can be canon in the show because of the fandom. Take Slice Of Life for example. It took a bunch of elements from the fandom and made its way to the show. LyraBon came from the fans too! They were originally just friends until fans started shipping them due to how they’re always together in the background. When the show started, the animators kept using the same background ponies and even clones of them. This wasn’t something the staff originally thought about until later on for this ship.

    Now, I’m going to be talking mostly about SoarinDash and Fluttercord, because those are the ones I’ve been seeing the most in my POV. Sorry if I don’t mention other ships.

    In a quote here that someone said to this person harassing them for shipping SoarinDash, “You are retarded, there is no room in the world for SoarinDash.” “Stop using that stupid ship and pairs Rainbow Dash with somepony because he doesn't count.” GEEZ! Calm down people! I get that you don’t ship those two. But saying that they are stupid, retarded, and nonsense is just not right!

    For Fluttercord, I’ve seen comments saying, “Stop believing in a bu****** ship that the fans came up with! They’re just friends and that’s all they’ve ever been! Enough with this nonsense!” Ok, people need to stop with attitudes like these. I get you don’t ship Fluttercord, but there’s no need to bully them over that, especially using harsh language.

    I’ve also seen comments like these on fan arts as well. Saying that the fan artist are stupid and retarded is really rude. They drew that art for hours, maybe even days, and for someone to say that is wrong! How would you feel if you drew something you really ship so much and for someone to say that you? Displeased and overwhelmed. Whenever I see a fan art of a certain ship that I hate, I would just roll my eyes and move on. I don’t have the right to insult their ship that makes them happy!

    Now look, if you really want to stick to 100% canon, fine. But leave others alone that they like to ship characters with. That goes to people who don’t ship in general.

    Opinions are opinions. There’s a reason why that word exists. If you hate something and that person likes it, don’t go and tell them that they shouldn’t like it because you said so. They have the rights to their own opinions. You shouldn’t harass someone that’s saying something harmless about a ship. That shouldn’t even affect you.

    To recap: chill out, ignore any posts that talks about a ship you hate or a ship they believe to be canon. No matter how ridiculous or nonsense the ship it is to you, just move on. They are entitled to their own opinions. Not every single being has the same mind as you.

    P.S. I might talk something similar to this again in the future. And if you think I’m nonsense with my soapbox or that this is useless, then you’re missing the point of what I’m saying.

    What if Pinkie Pie took Applejack's place in Sounds of Silence?
    By FirePuppy

    I was wondering, how would Sounds of Silence have turned out if Pinkie Pie replaced Applejack in that episode? Well, for starters, this definitely would have resulted in a Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy episode instead of a second friendship quest for Applejack and Fluttershy after Viva Las Pegasus.

    In the beginning of the episode, both Fluttershy and Pinkie are not so sure about going to the Peaks of Peril, and Twilight assures them that they'll both get a friendship problem solved together for the first time. Upon arriving at their destination, when Fluttershy stops to interact with some animals, rather than being unamused, Pinkie is excitedly eager to see the top of the Peaks of Peril that it's enough for Fluttershy to "stop doing what she's doing now". The Kirin, as usual, are not only silent, but instead of being unemotional, would also be full of sadness and distress. Autumn Blaze, who Pinkie Pie meets since she's in place of Applejack, is the only one who is happy, full of fun, and is talkative. Pinkie even tells her that she's just like her. In Autumn's story about the Kirin, Rain Shine, the village leader, would order her subjects to suppress their voices and happiness, rather than their emotions. The argument scene between Pinkie and Fluttershy is much the same as in the original between Fluttershy and Applejack, as is the part where Autumn shows her Nirik form. And the foal's-breath flowers, of course, counteract the same effects caused by the Stream of Silence as how I think it should have been.

    So, how would you think if Pinkie was in Applejack's place in Sounds of Silence?