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    • What if The Major Villains (FiM) Won? Part 2
    • Is Celestia and Luna’s brother the Prince of Death?
    • How "What About Discord" woulda been better
    • The G4 Superiority Complex

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    The G4 Superiority Complex
    By IronYoshi 

    There's no denying what a massive impact the 4th generation of My Little Pony has done for the broader franchise, no less the fact that it ushered in a new word with beloved characters and gained a mass following in its prime. However, on the subject of its fans, it seems that those who hold G4 on such a high pedestal seem to think that it's the only good thing to come out of the franchise, and that all past (and future) incarnations are right for the bin and not worth caring for.

    These "G4 purists" aren't anything new, but they've been spreading like wildfire in the past year or two. Case in point, anything relating to Pony Life or even more recently the upcoming G5. But it goes back even further, as many fans have a massive disdain towards past iterations too, stuff like G1 (no, not that G1), G2, and G3. And they had some really nasty things to say about them. 

    Now, I'm not saying that you should like these past versions of the franchise, but rather that they do actually have their fans. If you think about it, somebody must have been introduced to MLP through those past series. Also I feel the need to bring up that Lauren Faust herself was a big fan of the original G1 series. And I am pretty sure that there were plenty of G1, G2, and G3 fans who probably hated the way G4 looked or how it turned out. Funny that.

    I think the fandom really needs to chill out about any version of the franchise that isn't G4. I mean, it's not like G4 invented the franchise or anything. And I'm not putting down G4 in any way whatsoever (though its funny that bronies will get extremely defensive over the show and at the same time tear it apart in others), rather I am saying that every entry to this franchise does have value and worth to at least someone. As hard as it may seem, someone out there is going to be a huge fan of G3. And you should let them.

    This couldn't be the case now more than ever, as the reaction to Pony Life and G5 have been incredibly hostile to say the least. So what if someone likes Pony Life? So what if people are looking forward to G5? Let them. It's not hurting you in the slightest, is it? I know G4 meant a lot to people, myself included, it was something special, but treating it as if it were the be all end all of this almost 40 year old franchise is kind of ridiculous. Even if the past or current versions aren't to your liking, are you going to ruin it for those who do enjoy them? I think you all need to take that old fandom quote of "love and tolerance" to heart. We get new fans almost every day, and we should set a good example.


    How "What About Discord" woulda been better
    By: FlareGun45

    Haven't made one of these in a while! I know the episode "What About Discord" was questioned amongst the fandom, and I've been thinkin' about a better way they coulda executed it.

    For starters: that name is so misleading - the name "What About Discord", it makes it sound like Discord would be the one that feels left out, not Twilight, otherwise the episode woulda been called "What About Twilight", and honestly, it feels like it would make more sense if Discord was the one left out of the Mane 6 during their fun, and he'd be using his own chaotic ways to give himself attention, and probably force the Mane 6 to relive their days for him, and shoehorn himself into joining their activities, just so he could feel like a part of the group. I know this makes him seem like a huge jerk, but it's a part of his character to feel that way, cause he's a huge work-in-progress.

    One of my friends did say that it would look too much like "Make New Friends But Keep Discord" in that same season, but that was him feeling jealous cause Fluttershy invited somepony else to the gala and not him - this is him feeling left out of a whole group, feeling like he's not a true part of it, which quite frankly, he doesn't completely - mainly cause he doesn't have a group of his friends he calls his own just yet, other than Fluttershy. Would make more sense with him than Twilight missing out instead.

    Yunno me, I gotta add my "Spike cents" into this. ;) Spike is ALSO somebody who feels left out of the Mane 6 alot and there was never an episode talking about that. He just tries not to let it bother him too much, cause he knows he means alot to them, but deep down he wishes to be able to fit in with them more. That's why he hangs out with Big Mac often. This would lead to "Dungeons and Discords" next season, but this was before Spike invites him, so Discord wouldn't exactly listen to him fully just yet.

    The difference between Spike and Discord, is that Discord aggressively causes issues to give himself attention and get what he wants, while Spike is too nice to say how he feels, so the two of them could work off eachother, with Discord learning to not pressure his friends to invite him and just talk to them if they feel left out, and Spike learning to speak up if he feels left out - a little balance in between. This way, this episode would increase both Spike and Discord's relationship with the Mane 6, and also, start up the Spike/Discord dynamic for their next episode together!

    This would make Discord not feel like just an extra in a Twilight episode. Twilight already has another episode with Fluttershy anyway next, and she has the finale too!

    Is Celestia and Luna’s brother the Prince of Death?
    By Double C

    When My Little Pony the Movie was in development, Tempest Shadow was originally was supposed to be the long lost brother of Celestia and Luna. His name would have been Cosmos but IDW later used it for another villain. Even though he was dropped, their might be some opportunities for future comics that he might appear. If there was anything he would be involved with that matches his title is death. The reason is that we never were introduced to a grim reaper based villain and they are the scariest to even face.

    While IDW will come up with an interesting backstory of his transition to evil but it is most likely similar to what we witness from other villains. He most likely is born an alicorn like his sisters and had great gifts but saw no value to either making friends or bonding with family. The other is that he wanted to protect all those he cared which made him take terrible decision. But whatever the reason he turned to dark magic like Luna and Stygian did that enabled him to strip living things of their souls. After seeing many earlier designs, he appears to have suffered battle scars that forced him to wear a cloak and maybe a mask to hide it. So like Anakin Skywalker, he fought a young Starswirl and he “striped” him of his wings and horn along with whatever title he originally supposed to have. His personality would be extremely ruthless towards anyone including his sisters and teacher Starswirl.

    While representing death, he would also represent what Spike and Shining would look like if they went down the same road. The reason I think this is because Spike and Shining feel they are seriously behind Twilight, Cadence, and eventually Flurry and would do whatever it takes to not fall behind like using dark magic.

    What do you guys think, do you want to see their brother come to life?
    What if The Major Villains (FiM) Won? Part 2
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So we’re going to move to our next couple of villains, starting with Queen Chrysalis, who I actually consider to be the smartest of all the villains, and there are actually two different possibilities for her.

    First, lets look at A Canterlot Wedding. Lets says Chrysalis managed to do everything she did in the finale, plus being able to keep Shining Armor under her control and Cadance and Twilight trapped down below in the caves beneath Canterlot forever. Her minions burst through the shield surrounding the city and the Changelings attack the city where they proceed to suck all the love and no pony can stop her. She, just like Sombra, then goes to do the same to the rest of Equestria til all the love is gone and Equestria then becomes the Changeling Empire instead, with everypony basically dead and the Changelings now numbering in the millions.

    Moving To Where and Back Again, Chrysalis would win in a different manner in my opinion, instead of attacking openly, she would do so discreetly, like in the finale, replacing the royals, Mane 6 and Spike. Only this time, lets says Chrysalis actually realized she should also get Starlight, Discord, and Thorax (Sorry Trixie, but I don’t think Chrysalis would see you as much as a threat…) and manages to capture those ones and replace them as well. And well no one suspects a thing and everypony would go about their normal lives like always.

    With this in mind, Chrysalis could then insert the rest of the changelings into Equestria little by little, using them to suck a tiny bit of love, enough to keep her drones fed, but not enough to raise any alarms along Equestria’s population. It would be like in A Canterlot Wedding, but this time on a massive scale, all her drones hiding in plain sight and winning without anyone noticing.

    Moving on to King Sombra…

    First, I consider his goals in both The Crystal Empire and The Beginning of the End to be mostly the same, so I wouldn’t make two different scenarios for Sombra. So lets say that Sombra has managed to conquer the Crystal Empire and well has defeated Cadance and Shining Armor at the very least. He then moves on to conquer Canterlot and well like The Beginning of the End, has gotten mostly everypony under his command, with ponies like the Mane 6 and the princesses being the only ones to resist him. With everypony as his slaves, Sombra then defeats the final pieces of resistance and his main opponents either perish or are imprisoned forever.

    What happens next?

    Well, to that I turn to one of my favorite comic stories, which should come as no surprise, The Siege of the Crystal Empire. There Sombra made plans to pretty much conquer the rest of the world and without someone like Radiant Hope to curb his ambitions and with everypony as his minions and soldiers, he could succeed in his ultimate goal. However, with that done, the question remains would Sombra ease his rule, probably not since he would have to deal with any rebellion and the world would be in a constant state of war. However, lets say everyone decided to submit to Sombra, maybe with time he would play nice, but that’s all for you to decide!

    So that’s my views on what would happen if those two won, what are your’s? And next time we’re going to discuss Tirek and Starlight!