• 40 of The Best New Fanfics for Rainbow Dash Day!

    Rainbow Dash secretly writes saucy fanfiction about her friends on the weekend. Everyone thought it was Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy doing it, but they are both completely innocent. It was RD all along!

    Go read stuff below while we compile those up for you to read in some other future post. This only contains stuff that is new compared to our previous compilations. If your favorite fanfic isn't here, it's probably in one of those.

    And thanks to Whisper Key for sending them!


    Slice of Life




    Cerulean by Cherax


    Twelve scenes from the many lives of Rainbow Dash, inspired by the songs from Baths' Cerulean. Best enjoyed while listening along to the album.


    Comfort Food by Petrichord


    When Rainbow Dash tries to do thoughtful things for other ponies, it generally turns out pear-shaped. Which, of course, is what happens when a pony as unthoughtful as her tries to do such things.

    But, hey, what's a bit of a mess when it comes to making food for one's friend? It shouldn't be that much of a bother, right?



    The Holiday At The End Of The World by KitsuneRisu


    Under the last tree at the end of the world, two ponies discuss the events that led them there and what the future holds.


    Misinterpreted by Twifight Sparkill


    Despite being high-spirited and brimming with unyielding confidence, most Ponyville residents consider Rainbow Dash to be a careless and lackadaisical pegasus. However, despite all the evidence to the contrary, this reputation may be unfounded.

    Based on the Season One canon.


    Your Own Worst Enemy by Pastoral


    Rainbow Dash drinks alone, and Rarity keeps her company.


    Cloud Control by TheLegendaryBillCipher


    As a new Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash is less than enthused about getting weather duty over Ponyville: nothing but fluffy clouds for a whole week. However, things change when she finds a way to entertain others, and more importantly: herself!


    Up Where the Air is Clear by Rambling Writer


    Rainbow Dash sometimes flies high for Wonderbolt training, higher than almost any other pegasus. Up there, it's just her, the earth, and the sky. It's more than enough to give a whole different perspective on things.


    Keeping Your Balance by Indeliblink


    Scootaloo teaches Rainbow Dash how to fly.


    Like a Pegasus in a Pottery Shop by Fifths


    The Wonderbolts may be the greatest fliers in Equestria, but overseas in the griffin lands, aviation has become all but synonymous with the name of Gerard Goldenwings. Word gets out that the living legend is vacationing in Equestria, and rumor has it he's looking to take on an apprentice. Rainbow Dash is eager to meet him and prove herself worthy of his tutelage, but she must first perform one simple task: catching a certain special bird.


    On the Care and Construction of Bridges by Ebon Mane


    Rainbow Dash is an unlikely matchmaker, but she's also not a pony that leaves her friends hanging. When she sees the feelings Applejack and Rarity have for each other, she tries to get them together, but ends up struggling with the knowledge that those very feelings may end up keeping them apart.









    Demise Reprise by Chris


    Rainbow Dash kills herself.


    And it's up to Twilight and the girls to bring her back.



    Daring Do and the Wings of Light by TodayIWriteFanfics


    Daring Do goes to retrieve an ancient artifact. It is a journey of danger and darkness, that many embark on but few return from. And Daring braves it fiercely.

    Naturally, she does so in the most awesome way possible. Just not as awesome as Rainbow Dash. But nearly.

    Trigger alert: Contains DaringDash or whatever the hell it's called. I'm driving this ship harder than the Titanic. The fact that it sank should be absolutely irrelevant.


    Rainbow Dash and the Wild Hunt by NorsePony


    Rainbow Dash gets killed by some jerk in a storm cloud. It's not the best way to start an evening, and things only get more annoying from there. Turns out, that jerk and his pack of hunters want Dash as their prey. It's kind of a bummer. But she's got other ideas, and anyway, what's the worst they can do to her?


    If Wishes Were Ponies by Tumbleweed


    There are all kinds of treasures to be found in Canterlot's antiques district: out of print books, out of fashion clothing, baroque-styled furniture...and the occasional object of unimaginable magical power.

    Fortunately, one of the Elements of Harmony has found it.

    Unfortunately, it's Rainbow Dash. Can the pegasus be trusted to wield such power responsibly? Can anypony?


    Rainbow Dash versus The Marewich by Capn_Chryssalid


    Rainbow Dash is a hungry, hard working mare, and after a long day, she needs a real meal.

    Surely you don't doubt her prowess as a cook, do you?

    I see the skepticism in your eyes. Very well then. Watch and be in awe of her culinary talents as Rainbow Dash cooks a Marewich. She'll prove you all wrong.


    Rainbow Dash's Super-Awesome Self-Insert Figures Out If It Would Matter by ponichaeism


    For the past few months, the newspapers and literary magazines of Equestria have been dominated by a hot new fiction fad: tales of friendship temporarily -- or permanently -- torn asunder by a thorny hypothetical question about Changelings.

    Enter Rainbow Dash, the fearless high-flier whose past crimes against the written word were so awful Princess Twilight considered making them actual crimes simply to get out of proofreading them. On one unassuming night, Dash gathers her friends together to be the audience for her latest literary masterpiece, a short story about friendship and Changelings, written with all of her usual panache. She's absolutely convinced they'll fall to their knees in awe of her superb writing skills.

    Her terrified friends get ready to fall to their knees and beg her to stop reading.


    Gambling Foals by Coyotek4


    The Flim Flam brothers introduce gambling to Las Pegasus, and Rainbow Dash is quickly drawn to the allure of the new games while Pinkie remains indifferent... but when Rainbow's luck takes a turn for the worse, can Pinkie salvage their vacation plans?


    Daring Do's Adventures in Whackademia by Posh


    Daring Do solicits Rainbow Dash's assistance for her most dangerous adventure yet.

    She needs a date to a nerd party.


    Blur by Fire Gazer the Alchemist


    After realizing that Pinkie Pie is, without a doubt, one of the fastest ponies she's ever met, Rainbow Dash decides to challenge her to a race.

    If only she knew what she was getting into.


    Supper of Scootaloo Stew by Lucky Dreams


    What joy, I've a treat for you:

    A lovely warm dinner of Scootaloo stew.


    It’s sweet and delicious,

    I'm so sinfully kind.

    I left in the hooves,

    I hope you don’t mind.


    Three Mares In A Boat by TheVulpineHero1


    Dash, Applejack, Twilight, Winona, and a boat.

    This'll end well.


    Switchaloo by theworstwriter


    Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo swap bodies. What could possibly go wrong?









    The Lighthouse by StormDancer


    Rainbow Dash is awesome. Of that there is no doubt, but even awesome ponies need a break every once in a while. As a weather pegasus and the Element of Loyalty, she doesn't really get all too many days off to just kick back. So, when she finally gets time off to go to the beach with her friends, she takes it.

    Too bad the local lighthouse pegasus called in sick, forcing the local weather crew to 'recruit' Rainbow for the task of manning the lighthouse. Boring work.

    VERY Boring work.

    Until a ship appears on the horizon that looks like it's going to wreck on the rocks.


    On the Wing of Friendship by Deathscar


    War is brutal. It asks you questions with no right answers. It leaves scars on your body and mind.

    War is a game in which you will always lose.

    And Rainbow Dash might've just lost everything.


    Lose Yourself by Mikleo


    Death is unforgiving. Dark. Cold. Somebody close to Rainbow Dash is dead, taken away by a simple accident.

    Dash doesn't like being cold.


    It's Hurtful Like That by Sorren


    There's a certain word for love built for somepony in secrecy; it's called naivety. Once this point is reached, lessons are learned the hard way and sorrow flows like a river. Rainbow, like always, is the hardest to fall.


    Food Courts and Skylines by Fiddlesticks


    In an empty shopping mall, Rainbow Dash searches for solace. She finds Applejack instead.

    The first of eleven stories in the "Empty Spaces" series.









    Getting it Right by kits


    Rarity can be very patient. Part of getting what you want the way you want is biding your time and bringing other ponies around to see what should be obvious. Rainbow Dash was never very good at seeing what should be obvious. But even Equestria's densest mare got the hint eventually.

    Rarity is very patient. She keeps her calm as a lady should. Even if their date was to start two hours ago. Why she ever said yes to that scruffy boor of a pegasus is anypony's guess.


    The One Week Year by HapHazred


    Wheatland farms: the greatest source of food in Equestria. The ponies of Fillydelphia rely on it for bread, bakery products, and hay.

    When a freak wildfire takes out an entire season's worth of crops, things are dire. The ponies of Fillydelphia are facing starvation.

    Applejack hatches a daring plan. Accelerate the weather around her orchard, rushing through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, and reap another harvest in time before Fillydelphia's stocks run out. There's just one problem: all she has is a week.

    For this to work, she needs a pegasus. Specifically, she needs a pegasus as nuts as her...


    Parlez-vouz Prançais? by Scotters


    Rarity Teaches Rainbow Dash Prench.


    Roses Are Red, Dummy! by Summer Dancer


    Soarin has liked Rainbow Dash for some time, but unfortunately, she's really bad at picking up romantic hints, which pretty much annoys everyone.









    Broken Record by Somber


    There has never been an athlete like Rainbow Dash. The sprints. The marathons. The land speed record. She held them all.

    Until she didn't.

    Until she had only one left... and met the pony that might take it from her...


    Untwisting the Knot by Flashgen


    Another one of Pinkie's parties is winding down, and Dash sits alone in the corner. She feels another knot tightening in her chest, clenching harder by the second. She just can't seem to make it go away, not alone.


    The Hound of Ponyville by Thanqol


    Fluttershy has disappeared.

    Equestria's most dangerous criminal has escaped.

    And a monster from the dawn of time hunts its prey.

    Starring Rarity as Sherlock Holmes, Rainbow Dash as Watson and the Great and Powerful Trixie as Dr. Mortimer.


    Stagnancy by PegasusMesa


    Rainbow Dash has a wonderful life. A great job, wonderful friends, and a beautiful mare she loves to come home to. At least, she used to love coming home to her.

    What do you do when it feels like the chain has slipped in your relationship? Rainbow Dash doesn't know, and until she finds out, her wonderful life isn't quite as wonderful as it seems.


    Hero by Softy8088


    Rainbow Dash is a pony who stares danger in the face, seeks to earn well-deserved fame, inspires the ponies around her, bravely fights villains, rescues those in peril, and strives to make every moment awesome.

    One important day, she utterly fails to do those things.

    But that's okay.


    Tailspin by DrakeyC


    It's Take Your Foal to Work day in Ponyville, and Scootaloo asks Rainbow Dash if she can accompany her to the weather factory since her father is too busy to take her. She agrees, but Rainbow starts wondering what Scootaloo's dad does for a living, and why she never talks about him. Tracking him down reveals the reasons.









    The Scootaloo Switcheroo by Impossible Numbers


    Rainbow Dash wakes up to an odd winter heatwave, but at least Scootaloo wants to play with her. By the end of the day, she's fighting her way through a nightmare blizzard. And only one question burns through her mind: WHERE'S THE REAL SCOOTALOO!?


    Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew by QueenMoriarty


    The Crystal War. A battle so long and brutal that it has shaped an entire era of righteous bloodshed. Ponies don't have slumber parties, or read bedtime stories to their foals, or even so much as smile. And when they do smile, it's the kind of smile that would keep ponies of a more peaceful era awake for days.

    The madness of Sombra and his slave army claims lives every day. Soldiers in service to Celestia fight tirelessly to hold onto even a shred of what Equestria used to be. Its citizens do everything they can to feed the bloody machine, from canning food to holding funerals.

    And at the heart of it all, there stand three mighty warriors. They have lost a great deal to this war, though none of them know just how much. What they do know is that they made promises back home, and they are not in the habit of breaking promises. No matter the cost.

    This is the story of Iron Wing and the Demolition Crew.


    Eljunbyro by Imploding Colon


    Bellesmith is a pony who must perform experiments in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.

    Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.