• S3 Premiere & Positive Messages Music: Lectro Dub - Fallen (Brilliant Venture's "World On Fire" 2020 Mix) [Dubstep]

    Making meaningful and emotional music, spreading positive messages to change the world and send support, embodying the brony spirit and sharing pony Passion... Brilliant Venture is doing all of that and more with this new release for Hearth's Warming, a remix of Lectro Dub's Fallen themed around Twilight's character depth in the S3 premiere. Brilliant is both sublimating that concept and adding new meanings relevant to 2020 here, representing the hardships with those glitchy effects and spreading support to overcome them in the description with wholesome and tender messages. I highly recommend reading the description on YouTube, and to it I will add my own determination to be here for anypony struggling with similar hardships or still hurting from past experiences, as well as to recover from such things myself: you are not alone, we can overcome this together!! We WILL find the light at the end of the tunnel, and a time when we'll be able to look back to those hard times without feeling that much pain anymore! The true brony spirit lives on!! We are bronies, and we are here!!

    Happy Hearth's Warming everypony! I love you all ♥