• More Pony Music! We Shine Brighter Together!

    Some more new pony music fresh from the community to listen to while keeping your hoovsies warm and awaiting Hearth's Warming. Let there be love, let there be the magic of Friendship, and let there be Passion!

    I love you all everypony! ♥

    1. Replacer - High & Dry

    Vocal - Indie Pop

    Replacer's contribution to [email protected] Eclipse is sounding as unique as ever!

    2. Mana Minori - Controller

    Vocal - Electronic

    This track has got a nice story to it, involving Button Mash and Vinyl Scratch! And it's playing with vocal samples for extra story-telling!

    3. Faulty & John Kenza - Best Of Friends (feat. PegasYs) (BlackIceMusic Remix)

    Another one of the few brand new tracks in [email protected] Introspection, BlackIceMusic's spin on the LyraBon track is extending the bounciness and fluffiness!

    4. Voxel Hoof - We Shine Brighter Together (Vocal Cover)

    Vocal - Soundtrack

    Even though posts are usually reserved for full-fledged songs instrumental included, I thought I'd still share this Vocal Cover of Pony Life's finale song because it's so awesome that Pony Life is getting some more love!

    5. Heartlead - Downtown Housepony

    Instrumental - House

    A pony musician I didn't know of before, Heartlead has that funkiness going in Downtown Housepony!

    6. Zizkil - A Lil Taste of Both

    Instrumental - Complextro/Electro House

    New tasty and stylish song from master Zizkil, making a reference to Vylet Pony in the cover art and in the music too!

    7. Nyancat380 - When the End is Near

    Instrumental - House

    An aerial and stylish track featuring Dashie on the video art! Also check out Nyancat380's other recent release, Fresh Blood!

    8. GeekBrony - Pony Zone Round Three (feat. 15.ai & Pony Voice Preservation Project)

    Vocal - Dance

    You've all been waiting for it... GeekBrony achieved it! The last part in the trilogy! And with the extra story-telling, it feels so comfy somehow, like we're with the ponies and they're waiting for us to be back...

    Big mature content/language warning, only check it out if you are ready to enter the Pony Zone.

    And happy pony zoniversary!

    9. StealingShad3z - Pretty Penny Betting Her Last Dime

    Vocal - Pop Punk

    StealingShad3z's song about certain hurtful experiences... If you went through similar hardships like me and if it also still hurts to this day for you, remember that I'll always be here for you, giving you love and hugs of understanding! ♥

    10. Zephysonas - Windport

    Instrumental - Soundtrack

    Is this Orchestral? Folk? World Music? Well, it's a unique atmosphere and composition to depict a bustling harbor city, reminding of the kind of field theme you'd hear in such a place in some J-RPG!

    11. Crusader! - Firelight (Covering John Kenza & Aurelleah)

    Vocal - Pop Rock

    A "campfire version" of the memorable song Firelight, courtesy of Crusader!


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    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!