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    • Why Unicorns Aren't the Master Race!
    • Dear G5: Don't Try And Be G4
    • Why Doesn't Princess Cadence Have a Flowing Mane?

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    Why Season 9 shouldn't be redone!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So hearing about a certain someone making a return, it seems someone once again has to tackle this subject and to teach someone an important lesson about why Season 9 should not be redone!

    So yes, that “certain someone” (You all should know who I’m talking about at this point…) says Hasbro needs to completely redo all of Season 9, scrapping all 26 of the episodes, even thought they moved on and are planning for G5 of MLP. And not only that… But they should be forced to do so no matter what, as if Hasbro will listen and this person knows what’s best for the fandom in general.

    And I’ll put it simply… Redoing Season 9 is a very bad idea and could even be worse! And I’ll give a real example of when Hasbro actually did redo a single, tiny scene from an episode… If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the episode, The Last Roundup and that scene with Derpy!

    For those who don’t know, when The Last Roundup first aired, some people complained about Derpy’s portrayal and how it was offensive to mentally disabled people and was against the morals the show tried to teach. So Hasbro had to remove the episode, censor it before re-releasing it, changing some things like not mentioning Derpy by name and adjusting her voice.

    However… while it may have made those who complained happy, it caused outrage along others, who felt the censorship was not necessary and Derpy was fine as she was originally. Personally I think she was okay to begin with, sure Derpy was clumsy and her eyes are mismatched, but not everyone is born perfectly and part of learning friendship is to accept others no matter who they are. And plus it was so minor and really wasn’t meant to hurt others, I feel like some really taken it too far and seriously.

    Now take this example and multiply it by a hundred… Redoing an entire season is not only going to be time consuming and exhausting for those who created it, but also could potentially lead to more fallout like with the Derpy incident. Sure it may make some of the haters happy, but what about everyone else who was happy with the season and how it ended, the majority of the fans who cried, but celebrated that the show ended on the high note that it did, including me.

    Redoing the season could be worse and the fans who loved the ending, which is the general majority, could feel betrayed and hurt that such a thing had to be done, just to satisfy some trolls and bullies.

    Now like I said before, the season is done and nothing will change that, those who don’t like the ending and the show anymore, just move on with your life, move on to something else that makes you happy, because beating the dead horse (No pun intended!) is very much useless at this point!

    Why Unicorns Aren't the Master Race!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I often hear the joke on videos by the MLP Analysis Community and on series like Bronies React that the unicorns are the master race, superior to the Earth and Pegasus ponies. Now while yes this is a joke and not meant to be taken seriously, I still kinda of find it weird, because well I don’t really see it this way. And here’s why…

    Now I can see why this joke exists, every unicorn can of course cast magic and use spells, doing far more things than either the Earth and Pegasus ponies can. And the more spells they know, the more powerful they are. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but every pony villain, except for Cozy Glow, is a unicorn, such examples like Starlight, Sunset, and in the comics, Radiant Hope, Shadow Lock, (The villain from the “From the Shadows” arc) etc.

    However as the show has shown multiple times, unicorns aren’t the only ones with magic, in fact there are things Earth and Pegasus ponies have that unicorns don’t.

    For Earth ponies, their magic is in their strength. For example when Applejack stopped the boulder in Shadow Play or how Sandbar was able to pull out the CMCs from the magical hold of the portal in School Raze. And speaking of School Raze… Doing that finale, it is said that unicorns will lose their magic, with spells failing and we saw that happen, however Earth ponies didn’t lose their strength as again Sandbar has shown.

    And speaking of that, lets move on to the Pegasus ponies, they are the only ones (Well except for Alicorns) who can walk on clouds naturally, without any help from a spell. Unicorns and Earth ponies can, but only if under the spell that allows them to do so and we only saw Twilight and Starlight perform that particular spell, so it must be a pretty complex one to do. Now correct me again, but just like the Earth ponies, we never saw anything that suggests the Pegasus ponies can lose their natural magical ability like the Unicorns can.

    Now yes, a unicorn could stop the boulder like Applejack did or again walk on clouds, however that’s only if they use their magic to do so, they need to know exactly which spell to cast in order to do the things they can’t that the other ponies can. And you take away a unicorn’s magic and you literally take away everything from them, they just become an Earth pony with a horn and doesn’t have the same strength and stamina.

    So yes, while unicorns are very powerful compared to the Earth and Pegasus ponies, they are far from being superior and have their limitations on what they can do and are much more vulnerable in fact than the other two main kinds of ponies.

    And if anything… What unicorn could possibly match whatever the hell Pinkie possesses!? 

    Dear G5: Don't Try And Be G4
    By: Ephrom Josine

    With Generation Five coming out next year, many bronies are worried about what the future holds for the next series. Some artwork was leaked a few years back, but it's unlikely that's going to match up with the final product and early evidence already says much of it has been scraped. To be honest, I'm rather happy about this, while the old concept art showed potential it used too much from G4 for its own good, making it feel reliant on it. (There were no original characters in main roles to my memory, for example, and it looked like it could focus on the same main six we spent nine seasons with.)

    If I were to sum up by biggest fear regarding G5, it would be like this: I'm worried the makers are going to assume Friendship Is Magic was some lightning-in-a-bottle work that nobody can ever make happen twice. As such, they try to do the same things Friendship Is Magic did, and only end up living in its shadow. When Friendship Is Magic first came out, the idea that something out of the My Little Pony franchise could be good was seen as impossible, and while time has changed that perception to many, I remain unsure how many. I love Friendship Is Magic, but I also recognize that their only ever will be one Friendship Is Magic, and I would like to see the staff recognize this as well instead of using the same old people from the generation that got us to start watching.

    Sometimes, it felt like Friendship Is Magic fell in this trap. How do we make a good Twilight episode? Well, we already have a great Twilight episode, and it's called "Lesson Zero." As such, the staff assumed that the only way to make a good Twilight episode was to basically remake "Lesson Zero" as many times as possible. Season Nine has two episodes ("The Point of No Return" and "A Trivial Pursuit") that felt like worse versions of the "Twilight gets obsessives and goes crazy" plot that "Lesson Zero" already did so well. Season Nine did the same thing with episodes about Trixie and Starlight, with "A Horse Shoe-In" feeling nearly the exact same as "All Bottled Up," as did Season Eight's "Road to Friendship."

    In both cases, they fell into the trap of assuming that what they were trying to achieve was so rare that the only way you could get it is by doing the same thing you previously did. Ironically, this made both groups mentioned (good Twilight episodes and good Starlight/Trixie episodes) much rarer as a result, leading to a self fulfilling prophecy. I remain worried the people behind G5 will make the same mistake the writers of Friendship Of Magic did every now and again, dooming it into utter garbage. 

    Why Doesn't Princess Cadence Have a Flowing Mane?
     By: CyberPixel44 

    How many ponies can you think of that have flowing manes? Probably, the first thought that comes in mind would be Princess Celestia and Luna. Hold on, let’s add Mistmane to the list. Towards the end of the show, princess Twilight Sparkle (future version) also has a flowing mane (Season 9 EP 26: The Last Problem). But hold on! There is one more character with a flowing mane; King Sombra. Give yourself a pat on the back if you guessed all five characters.

    At first, you may think that only royal princesses have that trait. But this is not true, as Princess Cadence does not have a flowing mane. Then you may guess it may have something to do with certain traits like coat color, mane color, eye color, etc. Coming to think of it, genetics may play a key factor in whether or not a pony has a flowing mane. As first stated in Season 2 EP 13: Baby Cakes, genetics can play an important role in what features a pony can have.

    Coming back to Mistmane, (First introduced in Season 7 EP 16: Campfire Tales) she is no princess or directly royal pony but yet she has a flowing mane. One thing all ponies with flowing manes have is a horn, so it may be a gene exclusive to unicorns. This gene may have a VERY small chance at being activated once the pony reaches a certain age, thus making it a very rare feature.

    When Hasbro released a small short series called FUNdamentals of Magic, the first episode had Princess Celestia say that magic manifests in many different ways, such as a continuously flowing mane. This tells us that Mistmane’s powerful magic manifests itself in the form of a flowing mane. This also applies to King Sombra (first introduced in Season 3 EP 1: The Crystal Empire - Part 1) who has a short flowing mane. Even though he is technically an umbrum and not a pony, his powerful dark magic manifests itself into a flowing mane.

    So, hopefully this answers why Princess Cadence does not have a flowing mane. Her magic does not reflect itself in the form of a flowing mane, instead expressing itself in other ways. Or her genes did not activate when she reached a certain age. Don’t get me wrong; Cadence has a beautiful mane all the same!