• Pony Concept Album: bank pain - The Long Defeat

    The highly anticipated new album of bank pain The Long Defeat has dropped!! If you know about bank pain then you know that this is something that you can't miss. The musical god provides us a trip into dark roads again and a story-powered musical journey through this concept album (the story is also available as a digital booklet in the download of the album from Bandcamp). My personal favorite track from the album is shellshock café, I'm just such a fan of that bassline coming in at 1:06 in it! Every track is a gem, and a showcase of insane sound design and creativity. Music speaks louder than words, so go listen to it and cheer for the musician everypony!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here, and read the story from here! Also find embedded below the break the YouTube upload of track #5 thermal choke.