• Luna & Spiritual Medicine Music: Payyn - Luna's Experience with Ayahuasca [Mashcore/Extratone]

    What if, guided by some shaman in the far reaches of Equestria, Luna was trying out ayahuasca out of wanting to reach a spiritual awakening and get rid of all the darkness inside of her once and for all through the accompanying process of purging? Well, you will be able to hear all of that unfolding in this track from Payyn made for Luna's Nightmare Society. You will even be able to hear the dialogue between Luna and the shaman in the intro part, and I SO LOVE that!! That play with vocal samples alone is making this one of my favorite tracks from the album. But not everything is going as expected, and along the psychological introspection, Luna is soon confronted to some... unforeseen effects, and both visual and auditory stimulation from the brew. And you actually hear and see all that, in the song and the video!! From the Wikipedia article, ayahuasca can "make individuals feel they gain access to higher spiritual dimensions and make contact with various spiritual or extra-dimensional beings who can act as guides or healers", and judging by the kind of mashed-up music you will be able to recognize in the track, I guess we bronies can be happy with what we did... or not. Poor Luna. I hope she will recover from all the, um, purging. Hopefully it will "release the negative energy" and help Luna in "spiritual revelations about the true nature of the universe".