• Equestria Girls Followup - DIY With Applejack


    Not the biggest Applejack fan, but I can’t deny how interesting of a character she is when she’s among such zany and big personalities. Out of the Mane 6, Applejack is pretty much the closest one to normal when working with an OCD perfectionist, a dramatic diva, an ego attached to rainbow hair, a pink bouncing ball of energy, and a quiet mouse. Applejack doesn’t always have any faults, but she’s still big enough to admit she’s wrong. And turns out she can be just as fussy over details as Rarity when it comes to carpentry. It truly brings back so many memories of Season 1’s Look Before You Sleep. Good to know there won’t be any trees crashing into the room. If I could put a moral to this short, it would probably be to always be thorough with whatever you’re working on. There’s never a harm in taking things slow to minimize mistakes. That or plan to be up for extensive hours if you’re redesigning a whole new room. Let’s see who Applejack does with helping Rarity with a project.


    I love the set up for this that has Rarity behind the camera (for once) and focusing on actually trying to be a building tutorial for making a dressing room. Also this wooden apple in the corner just seems to fit Applejack as a channel, but does a denim skirt seem like the best outfit to do manual labor in? But they’ve saved the world in skirts before so I guess it’s fine for carpentry.

    Obligatory smug face. And that this video will take 73 easy steps makes me feel like they’re gonna have to do that speed editing just to not go over an hour of video. Hate to say this AJ but unless you’re studying near a cat sitting in a window with headphones on, not many people will stick around for the video.


    It figures we’d see Rarity at least once in this so it might as well be in the beginning of being excited for her teenage friend to design a dressing room for her. I’d love to even know how this idea came about since I think Rarity could just hire carpenters. Or maybe Applejack volunteered and wanted to record the progress. Either way, I love these two in a room together. Brings out the shipping fuel in me.


     So instead of going to a hardware store or a lumber place, Applejack wanted to cut down one of her own apple trees. Every question I can think of is just running through my head right now. Why chop down a tree? Why not go to a store for wood? Why chop when you have super strength and can probably pull that tree from the roots? How is Granny Smith fine with this?


    Yeah I don’t deny being guilty of this when trying to follow some form of a tutorial. Do we call this a fourth wall break if it’s a video we’re fast forwarding? Well I’m calling it a fourth wall break. This is just funny and kinda shows how long winded Applejack can be with building. 


    Rarity: “30?! That seems a bit excessive.”

    Rarity, the detailed oriented fashion girl. The one who would rather pick up little things during the tree crash in Look Before You Sleep. This Rarity is complaining about something being excessive. This face on Applejack just says “ no backseat carpentry” and I love it. And I do like how specific Applejack gets with the directions in this video. 5 Minute Crafts this is not.


    So step 29 seems to be on the painting. Looks like Rarity gave a good thumbs up on the bright purple to use for the walls. Way to pick the right color…the second time around. 


    Well isn’t this a true-blue internet video now? A cat doing something it shouldn’t be doing but still looking cute while doing it. Opal you’re not getting away with anything with those eyes you little scamp.  

    I guess the viewer is still getting a little bored of the thorough and highly detailed directions. Gives us a good time to look at the other thumbnails around the video. Maybe a vacation video with a boat, a tutorial about making friends with the sun, and I think that last one is probably a lyrics video. Pretty far from carpentry tutorials if I do say so myself.


    62 samples of tufted button walls later and we also get a yawning Rarity in the background. I can only imagine how much footage they have to edit and go through for this video and the person watching it isn’t even playing the whole video from beginning to end and skipping a few things. Like how you have to measure 5 times before cutting the fabric. Ok maybe not everything was needed, but Applejack is very detailed and can’t be off by a single inch. Yeah that’s still not sounding like Applejack.


    Well I can’t say it’s a bad job. This room looks amazing and really fits Rarity’s style. The closet and cabinet space is amazing, the sitting cushion in the middle is super fancy and the button wall texture on the door is an interesting choice. Though it looks like out camera girl is a bit worn out. Even the bench she’s sleeping on looks super comfy. Applejack is truly a master of her craft. Now I just need her to actually play Minecraft and see how irritated she gets when she can’t measure a block of wood 10 times.

    And that was DIY With Applejack, a short about a friend helping a friend with manual labor and that friend enjoying what she creates. Applejack was always placed as a background character mostly because she’s the closest to normal that we see. She can be sensible but stubborn, caring but overbearing and that Southern Hospitality truly runs deep in this element of honesty. And I can’t say we never needed a character who was all about her family. You don’t always need big goals like running a country or becoming a fashion designer. Even if you choose the simple life of just being with your family, it’s still a great life to live. I’m Penny Wrights and I need to buy a lot of apples desserts in celebration of Applejack Day.