• More Pony Music! Funk, Fluttershy Tea Party, Lyra, FoE Music!

    Time for another roundup! New standalone releases, remixes, lovely initiatives, YouTube releases of songs from recent compilation albums... Find it all below the break, and get EXP by giving likes on the videos, and more EXP by leaving a comment! And make sure you are subbed to the musicians, to get those daily quests!

    Also yes after hesitating for a while I ended up taking the chance to have my drawing be the header picture, as it was used for one of the songs. I do want to spread those messages as much as I can <3 And maybe it could give happiness to someone like it did for Dandelion ^.^

    1. Daniel Ingram - Friendship Through the Ages (PonyBoy441 Remix)

    Vocal - Electronic

    A cute and upbeat remix, that is appreciated!

    2. The Empty Tomb - Fickle Love

    Instrumental - French House

    The Empty Tomb did it again and dug in Funk/Disco influence for his Homework track, to my greatest delight!

    3. Dandelion - Low Frequency Bass

    Instrumental - Electronic

    It was such an incredible surprise when I saw that Dandelion used the drawing that I made for his latest release, dedicating it to me and the happiness that my drawing gave him! I'm so honored and happy that it showed in the search results and made him happy! Yes the perfect gift for me, is a smile as wide as a mile~ Read the description and our exchange in the comments to know more backstory! And I still mean what I wrote on the drawing! Always trying to send support to my beloved bronies and trying to make the world a better place!

    4. FelonOnBass - Protest

    Instrumental - Bass House

    FelonOnBass is back with such a sick-sounding track!

    5. Kyradeen - The Sun Sets (Tw3Lv3 Remix)

    Instrumental - Liquid Drum & Bass

    Kyradeen's Ambient track got reimagined as Liquid DnB by master Tw3Lv3, all while keeping the spirit of the original! Don't forget your Homework!

    6. AnimatronicPony - Fluttershy's Tea Party

    Vocal - Hardstyle

    Complete with eerie visuals, AnimatronicPony's contribution to Fluttershy's mad tea party sure has the theme on point and it's such a delight! The madness will never end..!

    7. Bumpy Beatz - Hypnosis

    Vocal - Chillout

    Chill and soothing music perfect for Homework!

    8. GrazySmash - Thunderbolt (Ice Angel Remix)

    Instrumental - Trap

    More Trap coolness and sickness courtesy of Ice Angel! Part of A State of Sugar Chocolate!

    9. Ocean Melody - Prelude to Shadows

    Instrumental - Folk

    New Lyra-themed piece from Ocean Melody! Here again it's like you could hear Lyra playing the lyre!

    10. Lianella Stilson - Autumn

    Vocal - Electro House

    Lianella blended cute and cool vibes again in this new solo release about Autumn!

    11. Ponytronic - Realizations (Happiness)

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    Ponytronic's new creative Dubstep endeavor is a very meaningful one on a personal level as you will be able to read from the description! And I sure could relate to it!

    12. James Kelly, Propmaster & Fiaura The Tank Girl - Angel's Gonna Cut You Down (feat. Jesse Nowacking) (God's Gonna Cut Em Down Parody)

    Vocal - Country

    A song made for chapter 39 of Fallout: Equestria - Dead Tree, Angel's Gonna Cut You Down is featuring the famous voice of Jesse Nowacking aka DJ Pon3!

    13. Eniix - Power Ponies

    Instrumental - Complextro

    Eniix's track seemingly inspired by the Power Ponies, part of A State of Sugar Chocolate!

    14. Sound Bandit - p0nyr0ck (feat. Direct Current)

    Vocal - ???

    Nostalgia awaits in this collab made for the latest DustCar race!

    15. Toby Macarony - Accursed Magic

    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic/Dark Ambient

    Another YouTube release from the album Shenanigans Two, this one is so delightfully dark! It plays with a dark atmosphere, spooky effects, and even mad vocal chops too, over a surprising progression!

    16. Banquo0 - The Mare (The Killers Parody)

    Vocal - Synthpop

    An awesome ponification, starring Starlight's chara depth and more precisely her villainous side in the S5 finale!

    17. sleepy toaster - dr3ams_v0.8 (dusk)

    Vocal - Electro

    A cute and mellow piece filled with pony vocal samples!

    18. Nyancat380 - Nightmares

    Instrumental - Deathstep

    Dark and intensely hard-hitting, this is Deathstep at its finest experimental form, courtesy of Nyancat380!

    19. SeriousDamir - Witch Of Despair - The Сonsequences

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    An enthralling and haunting original from SeriousDamir, fitting the mystical vibes from the artwork in the video!

    20. Chasing Dawn - Of You

    Vocal - Chillout

    A gorgeous treack in all aspects! These two ponies are so cute together!

    21. Ardhy Mahardhy - Charge

    Instrumental - Electro

    Pony vocal samples in this uplifting track from Ardhy!

    22. Madoka Mapper - Pay Attention, I suppose

    Instrumental - Hardcore

    Madoka/Mordecai's comeback single, released on Equestrian Terror Corps' Bandcamp some time back, just got a YouTube release!

    23. Japkozjad - Stars

    Instrumental - Chillout

    Soothing and awe-inspiring music, reflecting the concept of stargazing well!

    Omake/Bonus: Faulty - PonyFest 4 DJ Set (100% Pony Mix)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!