• Friendship Music: ∆•RYZ & Layl - Bestest Friends [Happy Hardcore]

    Utterly cute and happy vibes in this "half-vip mix, half-sequel" to ƥRYZ and Layl's song Best Friends, now with more rainbows of Friendship thanks to Twilight reminding us of that very true moral. How the ending message from S01E23 The Cutie Mark Chronicles got sampled here is so wonderful (Just write it, Spike), and ƥRYZ did so lovely with this new appreciated Student Six song! I love their relationship a lot too!
    From ƥRYZ's words:
    "It's a bouncy happy hardcore song inspired by the magic of friendship, complete with the cheesiest voice sample I could find from Season 1 of FIM.
    The original only had Silverstream on the thumbnail/albumart, and while I do think the song fits her personality well, this time I really wanted to capture the essence of friendship and togetherness."