• Mega Compilation Album: A State of Sugar - Chocolate


    The newest mega compilation album from the community and beyond is here! You've been excited for it, the tasty chocolate from the ASOS crew is now available in full on Bandcamp! I'm back from the live release party, and WOW I am SO blown away and emotional from it all right now. I could seriously fangasm for hours about how amazing the tracks were, and how emotional was the party, being with everypony and listening to all these incredible songs together. Every song on the album is a masterpiece, and there's so many wonderful pony songs, such as #4 Stairs about Silverstream, the Fluttertrack #12 Love Everything, #21 Equestria 2057, and #27 Nightmare Moon to name a few!! And all the pony vocal chops!

    Shoutout to Violin Melody for her work organizing the project, and for making the party so heart-warming and emotional by expressing so much love and emotion. To ObscureDragone for such a perfect order of songs, I could really feel it while listening to the stream. To Lycan and Dijit for such lovely MCs, and to everypony else who helped with the project. To all the contributing musicians, and to all the party ponies. I love you all so much. Thank you for such an otherworldly moment together <3 <3 <3

    Download the compilation album from Bandcamp here!