• Equestria Girls: Unsolved Selfie Mysteries Follow Up

    With more summertime fun (mostly indoors), we now have the time old tradition of bombing selfies. What a way to ruin a picture than having some random so-and-so in the background of your picture perfect moment? How about with an unidentified blob in the far background like the Loch Ness monster came for a visit. We get a good mystery, a returning love interest, and some good laughs. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to always find the truth and the facts before jumping in too deep. That, or believe the unbelievable in a world where you and your friends have super powers from pony counterparts in dimensions unknown. But let’s take a look and see if we can logic our way into a supernatural moment.

    If I had to say it, I think we all know someone in our lives that takes as many selfies as they can with their friends. Even if you’re not doing anything at all, they will probably make a #do nothing on Sunday hashtag. But at least Pinkie can get the smiles going no matter who’s in the photo.
    Editor’s Note: I vote Twilight for best smile

    And also leave it to Pinkie to have the weirdest luck of getting a shot of something unfamiliar to this world in a random selfie. There’s a number of things this could be from a sea monster to another horse looking rock formation that just happened to be showing at a certain tide level. Then again, it’s shape looks vaguely familiar to me. Anybody got any cucumber sandwiches they’re not eating?

    Twilight: “Hold on. I'm sure there’s a logical explanation.”

    Twilight…sweet pea…cutie pie…can you explain the logical explanation to the magical geode necklace you’re wearing around your neck? Because Sunset Shimmer tried to science the magic happening to everyone already and nothing came back truly factual. I think I can suspend my disbelief of a sea monster if I can’t explain why three singing sea horse monsters turned human instead of Celestia knows what when coming to this world. But if you want, there’s always using that illogically explained superpower of levitation on whatever that was in the photo. No? OK then. Let’s move on.
    *steps down from soap box*

    Wow these guys are killing me with choosing best smile. Cut it out. I can’t take this much cuteness.

    At least we can say Fluttershy is on it with the superpower. I’m sure she would’ve loved to talk to whatever that was in the distance along with what other creatures we’ve had in the series. But then again, I don’t remember Fluttershy talking to every monster or creature that tried to attack her in the original series. One I do remember was the hydra in Season 1’s Feeling Pinkie Keen. So maybe not every creature can talk or doesn’t want to talk, especially when they can be dinner.

    Oh hi random love interest. Haven’t seen you around in a while. But at least he’s out from the forest every once in a while to do things like check out his girl in a swimsuit while she’s scouting the monster from a distance.

    Well these two are ready to get their monster hunters title. Fluttershy at least went on a head to see if she can hear the creature underwater, but I’m curious how these two would handle a creature. We sometimes forget Sunset Shimmer was from a pony dimension that had magic, dragons, and bug bears in it. I’m surprised she wouldn’t just assume it’s something that came from another portal from Equestria. But then that would take a full hour to deal with so the jury’s out on that.

    Looks like Pinkie took too long finding her floaty and now the monster’s coming towards them. This could mean a number of things. They either befriend it with the power of rainbows, adopt it as a pet, or catch it and make huge bank from a sea monster.

    Rule of thumb Timber. Don’t overthink anything about your girlfriend. Even if she seems really, really close to one of her female friends. There’s a sea monster coming towards the shore and here I am thinking about ships. I know I have problems, but those can be solved…at a later date.

    Ok I can understand being scared and having no way of controlling the monster that’s rising out of the water to meet our heroes. But dude. You hid behind your girl like that? Yeah, they have magic powers that can subdue any crazy killer toaster, but you at least stood up to your sister when she turned into Poison Ivy and was trying to trap you in a bubble of plants. Grab an ax and get to swinging!

    And for being the smuggest character with the proof, we get Fluttershy with a deflated floaty covered in seaweed. Guess they didn’t want to go with the culprit being Old Man Jenkins trying to get away with it if not for those meddling kids. I can’t imagine how long that floaty might have been out there since it has barnacles growing out. But at least this floaty has a great looking hair do. Very wavy.
    Editor’s Note: Yeah, I had to make a reference to Scooby Doo since the original creator passed away a few days ago. I grew up on the show when it had the laugh track and it has a special place in my heart. RIP Joe Ruby.

    It’s hard to pinpoint the exact feeling Twilight’s face is going for here. Is this the “you are not getting another date” face or the “really dude?” This will not easily be forgotten Timber. This will go down for a long time. And yes this was meant to be a tree pun.

    Well at least Pinkie Pie found her floaty and seems really happy to have it back. It feels good to be reunited with something you’ve missed for so long. And it must’ve been very long since it was partially deflated and covered in seaweed.
    And that was Unidentified Selfie Mysteries, a moment of wonder with an actual logical explanation. This was fun to watch and fun to make fun of just because I love Twilight for still sticking to logical thinking in a world that has some magic in it due to Sunset Shimmer. The glow that happens when Sunset has a chance to discover something new is always adorable and watching Timber and Twilight kind of acting like an old married couple just sends my shipping heart aflutter. And with our resident animal psychic Sassy shy to clear things up, it makes the mystery a fun one still. I’m a strong believer of the unknown and there’s parts of the sea that haven’t been fully explored yet so who knows. We might have a portal somewhere in the depths that leads to Equestria (Disclaimer: don’t dive to the bottom of the sea looking for magic portals. It’s too dangerous). I’m Penny Wrights and I’m heading to the internet to read about fearsome sea monsters that isn’t gas station sushi.