• Random Pony Merchandise - Oldschool Pony Toys, Towels, Stickers, White Board, and More

    We don't get a lot of random merchandise submissions anymore, but they do come in occasionally. It looks like Hallmark is doing molded manes on the oldschool molds for their ornament this year.

    And joining her, lots of other oldschool ponies at various places. I'm not sure where the push from hasbro is coming from, but they seem to be focusing on the old.

    Get that and a few more below.

    Pony Towel 

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by:  Kefka2

    Birthday Cards

    Found at:  Target
    Found by:  Lionshy

    Sliding Puzzle Book

    Found by: Azure Acrylic

    Glossy sticker Pack

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by:  Kefka2

    Dry Erase Board

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: Kefka2

    Pony Designer Hoodies

    Found at: H&M
    Found by: Ayu

    Hallmark Oldschool Applejack 

    Found at:  Hallmark
    Found by: Kailey

    Oldschool Ponies

    Thanks to Jeffrey for these. Have links:

    MLP Vinyl Box 
    Gen 3 Pinkie 
    Gen 3 Fluttershy
    Applejack Mini Figure
    Worlds Smallest