• Equestria Girls "Shake Things Up!" Follow Up

    I won’t lie. This is probably one of my favorite songs even when it’s super EDM sounding. Not that I don’t like EDM, but it’s more of wanting lyrics with my music that I like. This has a bit more world building with what the girls do in regards to part time jobs. For Applejack, somehow her family business of raising an apple farm is not bringing in enough money? Don’t know how that works when Granny Smith works for the school and pretty sure she made some deals with them about selling her produce. Not like the Apple family only had apples anyway. But I guess with everyone else having a job at the mall, we would need to have Applejack doing something too. So let’s take a look at her part time job and see what goes on throughout her day.

    So like with Pinkie Pie, Applejack could’ve worked at a rented stand selling apple desserts like from season 1 finale The Best Night Ever. It would’ve been something you can see in real life like a bakery for Pinkie Pie, but instead she chose a juice bar. Maybe this town is somewhere in California then. But as you can see, nothing exciting happening with a bored AJ chopping fruit at the counter.

    AJ: “Life’s too short. Gotta stand for something.”
    Don’t know how deep working at a juice bar can get, but that’s a strong message to have in your 90’s euro-pop music video. Also, very cute uniform. Between this and Pinkie’s uniform, I can’t help but love the fashion behind everyone’s work uniform. Won’t forget to say that AJ’s uniform is a bit loud for my taste. Bright pink and orange isn’t a pallet I would use, but I give credit to Applejack making a hairnet work. Also she’s twirling a banana, meaning she can probably be a great sharpshooter.

    This chick is literally juggling in the middle of work making drinks that probably aren’t even on the menu and as you can see, nobody is even in line ordering anything. This is either a great tactic to bring in customers with flair bartending skills or a big waste of produce. And I’ll say this, pony alternate or not, kinda surprised Applejack would be down for putting grass in smoothies. I’ve never tried it before and I have a bad habit of sticking to what I like regardless of already knowing how it will taste. Wheat-grass isn’t something I would normally reach for, but she makes it look good.

    When nobody wants to go to Orange Julius anymore, they go to Jamba Juice. Yeah I guess for flair bartending skills you don’t need to go to a bar. You can just see what employee is taking their job way too seriously at a juice bar. I think this guy at the counter might be concerned with his position.

    Editor’s Note: I hate that the guy at the counter is wearing a visor with a backwards cap. What’s even the point of this?!?! Why does this make me mad!?!

    Ok AJ. Reel it back in with the show boating. She’s trying to give Rainbow Dash’s ego a run for her money with this behind the back move.

    So many Crystal Prep students liking the smoothie show. But then again, prep students. They even got lights shining down on Applejack bringing in the business. This girl better get a raise.

    Girl brings it home with a power slide across the counter to give this kid a smoothie. 10 out of 10! And as unhygienic as that probably is since she’s wearing boots she was walking around in, this was a cool move. Also have to wonder if she got the payments from the people grabbing smoothies. I don’t think I heard a cash register ring not once in this song. They could’ve put the sound in and mixed it with the rest of the music. Who is this kid’s guardian? The Crystal Prep student next to him? Why aren’t you paying for that drink? Not to mention nobody didn’t say they were allergic to anything or ordered anything specific. Applejack was already mixing while this was happening and just gave them drinks without knowing what’s in them. I know people that are allergic to grapes so it’s not like anybody said anything about what they want or don’t want in their drink. That’s just bad customer service.
    Editor’s Note: I’m mostly being nitpicky for laughs. I’m not actually mad at anything. I just like pointing out silly things, especially in music videos that may or may not have plot
    Anyway, that was Shake Things Up, a catchy and upbeat song giving me 90’s techno vibes with a hint of country with Applejack’s accent. I like seeing random cool outfits for the characters, the song was great, and the visuals were fun. It’s hard to do screenshots for this one only because there was so much going on that a single shot wouldn’t do enough. It’s one of those music videos you really need to watch. And Applejack got some serious moves in this. Her hoedowns must be amazing. And with that, I might do something different next week. I’m feeling like a Top 10 list coming on. We’ll see how it goes. Until then, I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna make some smoothies until everything in my fridge is considered a drink.