• My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 18 Releases Today

    The 18th volume in the compilation books released for the My Little Pony comics has released today, giving access to all issues from #79-83 in one easy place. Plus the usual unique cover. Who doesn't love unique covers? Exact Description:

    Gear up for more fantastic, rollicking adventures with all of your favorite Ponies!

    It's the anniversary of the founding of Ponyville--which means it's time for a celebration! With a surprise show in store for Mayor Mare, it's up to Twilight and Apple Bloom to keep the festivities a secret... but that might be hard in a town like Ponyville, where you never know who might show up!

    Then, roll a natural 20 as Pinkie Pie and the rest of your favorite ponies get ready for a live-action role playing game for the ages! With elaborate costumes, captured princes, and one of Pinkie's famous cakes on the line, you can bet things are going to get crazy!

    You can pick it up over here.

    Thanks to Edward for sending it.