• Equestria Girls: Sic Skateboard Follow Up

    More Youtube videos!!! And all in favor of honoring our Element of (Inconsistent) Loyalty Rainbow Dash. So in honor of a decent character who does have a cool singing voice, I had to pullout something that screams “awesome” as much as the character does. Rainbow Dash is one of the characters of the show that truly had a full story arch from beginning to end. She wanted to be a Wonderbolt and she got it through hard work and possibly the right connections when you end up saving the actual Wonderbolts quite a few times. Bold and brash, I can’t think of another character that sparked mixed reactions with the fandom. I don’t know if I know anybody that’s a big fan of hers regardless of all the cool things that she can do. It’s not every day that someone can break the light barrier to create a prism of rainbows as they fly. Now when it comes to EqG, Rainbow Dash has rubbed me the wrong way a few times. Between claiming ownership of The Rainbooms and abandoning her friends on a sinking boat to have tea with a pony princess, she’s had some issues with keeping that loyalty in order. But hey, nobody’s perfect…even when she thinks she is. But let’s get to this posted video about skateboarding and hope to see some more awesome and not face plants in the pavement.
    Editor’s Note: I love the continuity of Spike’s unboxing video being in the top and I’m pretty sure that star wand is Trixie’s from her own street magic video, the buzz saw belonging to Applejack’s video, and the row of clothes is from Rarity.)

    You need to have your characters with helmets and knee and elbow pads. It’s probably a prerequisite to any animations as to not influence kids into ridin’ dirty. Because if there’s one thing to know in a world of uncontrollable magic and monsters popping up in random situations, it’s to always be safe. Also, I would like to think our little Flanksy street artist Sunset Shimmer did the graffiti art for this skate park. Just my own thoughts.

    Wouldn’t think Rainbow Dash could come through with the unique camera angles with her videos, but then again Spike the Dog knew how to add on filters and slow pans on his unboxing videos so my suspension of disbelief is probably in a coma right now.

    “Remember kids! If you want to shred as hard as me on the pavement, always eat plenty of veggies and say no to that fast food junk. That’s nooooo good!”
    I know this was a certain green pet’s lunch, but it doesn’t help that she takes a huge bite out of it like a skateboard commercial would make you do.

    So from left to right we got Blade Runner, Gallop J. Fry, Lilly Longsocks, and Little Red. They’re pretty much fillies that you would recognize from the background of any Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes and I always love seeing more of these character get noticed in the human world. But I wonder if the human Lily Longsicks would have the crazy human strength that she had in the pony world. Otherwise she can give Applejack a run for her money. But what’s gotten Rainbow Dash gathering a crowd for in this video?

    Well…Rainbow Dash might have to go through those five stages of grief again because I don’t know about this idea at all. Couldn’t we at least have Fluttershy tell her this is a terrible idea? She would never want animals in danger (unless they were competing to be Rainbow Dash’s pet). Why do I feel like Dash shouldn’t own animals at all?

    Well at least someone in this video has some crazy strong loyalty. Don’t know many pets that would go this far for their owners. But Tank is a good boy and a heavy duty boy. Pretty sure this will all go ok.

    Oh thank Luna that wasn’t as bad as I was imagining it to be. The suspense on the faces of the audience is great, too. Still want to give my props to Sunset for the amazingly cute turtle drawing on the side of the ramp. Very nice touch. Looks like Tank is ready for the pro leagues now. But it looks like Dash has some ideas for his promo video.

     Gotta love a good lens flair for an epic looking tortoise to ride a skateboard on. Rainbow Dash had some practice with special effects. Wonder if she learned it all from Spike. Might have to take up Photoshop next so she can edit out her hands holding up the skateboard. Someone call Sunset over to give Dash a green screen to use.

    Why do they have to kill me with this much cuteness?!? Why you do this to me Tank? But I’ll say this. With how prideful and egotistical Dash is, I can only bet that she made Tank a social media page that only she posts to about how great of an owner she is. Rainbow Dash is the DJ Khalid of this world and I may not have as big of a problem with it as I would’ve known.
    And that was Sic Skateboard, a moment that shows Rainbow Dash has on of the biggest and most supportive hearts ever. I know this was mostly about Tank, but this shows probably the best trait that Rainbow Dash has: her support. I don’t know if I would call this loyalty in work, but she wants to make the important people around her feel as awesome as she feels for herself. She is literally the one who wants to cheer you on to be better and even if you get to as good as you feel like you are, she will still cheer you on that you did your best. I love Dash having a pet to take care of because it really does show a softer and even cuter side to her that wants to show love and support for someone loyal to her. Whether it’s her pet Tank, pseudo little sister Scootaloo, or a school pep speech, Rainbow Dash wants you to shine as you and not as her. She knows she awesome and she knows you can be awesome in your own way, too. She’ll still be up her own flank about certain things, but with the parents she had, who can blame her? Rainbow Dash is a character who is full of self-love and wants to share it with everyone to make them have as much self-love as they can and makes me like her better moments all the more special. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go adopt a turtle.