• Spike Day - Open Art Compilation

    Who wants some cupcakes? Apparently they have heatproof icing which is useful for dragons! Might not be edible for ponies and humans though.

    We've got a good selection of open art for spike day! Get it all below.

    [1] Source

    Cupcakes are ready! by GlitterStar2000

    [2] Source

    [2] Source

    Spike as Seong Mi-na by DON2602

    [3] Source

    Spike Day 2020 by RoyalSmurf

    [4] Source

    Hiya! by AleximusPrime

    [5] Source

    by Fizzban on Twitter

    [6] Source

    The Drag by johnerose126

    [7] Source

    Not Just LIKE A Sir by TexasUberAlles

    [8] Source

    Paladin spike by iceflare0714

    [9] Source

    Spike's GIGANTIC Day with Smolder by RupertBlueFox

    [10] Source

    Baby Spike and Abigail by daimando

    [11] Source

    Spike meme by Devinbay

    [12] Source

    Sweet Kahuna gift-set! by Foxlover91

    [13] Source

    Beach dragons! by Foxlover91

    [14] Source

    Future Spike by SuperHyperSonic2000

    [15] Source

    A Dog and Dragon Show by CreativeLi3

    [16] Source

    .: Crystal Empire Celebrity (Spike, Starlight) :. by GamingGoru

    [17] Source

    My Little Persona: Spike by Banquo0

    [18] Source

    [SFM] Spike playing with Spike by red4567-2

    [19] Source

    Never wake a sleeping dragon! by Malte279

    [20] Source

    Spike Day 2020 by AndoAnimalia

    [21] Source

    Spike Claws by Metallic-Roselle

    [22] Source

    [23] Source - Ocean Streak

    [24] Source - Eliza