• Open Art Event - The Series Finale! - Draw Future Ponies

    With The Last Problem, we got a glimpse of the future of Equestria. The mane 6 are visibly aged, Twilight is gigantic, and Spike ad a huge growth spurt. Time to celebrate that with some open art!

    All are welcome to join. Be that someone who hasn't ever drawn more than a stick figure, or pros just looking for a prompt to do for practice. Here's what we need:

    Draw a pony from future Equestria! It can be one we saw in the finale, or what you think a specific character would look like older that wasn't shown. 

    Creativity time. I know I'm not alone in wanting to see where some of my favorite characters ended up.  They couldn't pack em all in there for obvious reasons.

    Now go! Send a link to it to [email protected] when finished with the title FUTURE PONY.

    The deadline is October 28th at 11:59 PM