• Open Art Celebration Event! - The Submissions

    The 9th anniversary of pony happened a week ago, and with it came an open art event! These are your results. We've got a ton of ponies celebrating their 9th year of dominating our minds with their everything. Hopefully we can keep it going long into the future!

    If you are looking for more places to stretch those art skills, Applejack day is in a few days, and includes the usual theme day open art compilation. Go draw some apples!

    Now get your pone art below.

    [1] Source

    Friendship Is Magic by SadTrooper

    [3] Source

    Make It Special by LW9510

    [4] Source

    At the end of a journey, a new dawn by daimando

    [5] Source

    by Artiks💜 on Twitter

    [6] Source

    Happy 9nth - aversary!!! by ChatNoir1475

    [7] Source

    20191017 075121[1] by CrosslineAnimator

    [8] Source

    Trixie and Starlight Happy 9th Anniversary MLP FM by cxzcciro3

    [9] Source

    The Beginning and the End by johnerose126

    [10] Source

    by alabaster scarf

    [11] Source

    Happy 9th Birthday, FiM! by Suukorak0

    [12] Source

    Mane Six Anniversary by briantheponyhog

    [13] Source

    Twilight Sparkle by AvengedAnim8torX

    [14] Source

    9 Years of Pony by SpellboundCanvas

    [15] Source

    The Finale by RainbowBacon1

    [16] Source

    Daylight Fading by Addelum

    [17] Source

    Onwards by HaruAxeman

    [18] Source

    9th Anniversary by Hailblitz

    [19] Source

    by pixelgrip94

    [20] Source

    MLP 9th Anniversary by TheEpicKyurem

    [22] Source

    by [email protected]🐴 on Twitter

    [23] Source

    Elegant Rarity by Katarina-G

    [24] Source

    Azure celebrating 9 years of MLP! by rainbows2424

    [25] Source - Shana

    [26] Source - Eliza

    [27] Source - Squeaky Belle