• New Limited Edition OFFICIAL My Little Pony x Magic The Gathering Charity Card Set Announced - Ponies: The Galloping

    For YEARS now we have been ponifying Magic the Gathering cards, with entire unofficial booster boxes of the things invading Deviant Art and everywhere else where art happens. Apparently Hasbro took notice, and they are rockin our world with a brand new set of My Little Pony meets Magic the Gathering set.

    There are three cards in total, with Luna having an effect that transforms her into Nightmare Moon.

    The set of three will cost $50, with $30 of that going directly to benefiting the charity "Extra Life" which goes to Seattle Children's Hospital.

    They also have playmats available with the awesome are they are using. 

    Ponies: The Galloping will be available from October 22nd to November 2019!

    Head down below for gigantic images and more information on all of these!

    Purchasable items:

     A donation of thirty dollars ($30.00) per card set will be made to Extra Life benefitting Seattle Children's Hospital.

    Friendship is Magic: The Gathering in these silver-bordered My Little Pony cards! Three of your favorite ponies neigh into the fray, one of them with a double-sided surprise!  In partnership with Extra Life—and in the spirit of love, friendship, and beyond—each purchase of Ponies: The Galloping raises funds for Seattle Children’s Hospital.  Ponies: The Galloping is available from October 22, 2019–November 5, 2019, celebrating the October 12 series finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Magic: The Gathering’s Extra Life event on November 2.

    • Silver-bordered, double-sided Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon Magic card
    • Silver-bordered Princess Twilight Sparkle Magic card
    • Silver-boarded Rarity Magic card

    Ships to USA and Canada addresses only.
    Limited Quantity. Availability while supplies last. Available exclusively at www.hasbropulse.com.
    No refunds or returns.

    Ponies: The Galloping Playmats by Ultra PRO - $100
    A donation of Eighty Dollars ($80.00) per bundle will be made to Extra Life benefiting Seattle Children’s Hospital.

    Now, friendship really is Magic with our limited edition My Little Pony Magic: The Gathering playmat bundle.  Enchant your friends, rivals, and opponents with this playmat set featuring Princess Luna, Rarity, and Twilight Sparkle! Ready to bring on the night? Flip the Princess Luna double-sided playmat to reveal the Mare in the Moon herself, Nightmare Moon!
    • Bundle includes 3 playmats (2 single-sided playmats and 1 double-sided playmat)
    • Protects gaming cards during game play
    • Also great for use with laptop & computer workstations - works with most types of mouse devices
    • Approximately 24" tall x 13.5" wide
    • Non-slip rubber backing prevents movement during use

    What is Extra Life? Learn more.

    But wait – there are more ways to donate money to Extra Life, benefitting Seattle Children’s Hospital:

    Uncut Sheet Auctions
    Through www.ebay.com/wotccharity (going live on Oct. 1), we'll be auctioning off more than 20 uncut sheets between October 23 and November 2. Among the sheets we'll have a foil New Phyrexia rare/mythic rare sheet and a foil Throne of Eldraine alternate art and Showcase card sheet.

    Streaming Events
    We'll have two in-house streams on twitch.tv/magic to raise money for Extra Life:
    October 28–November 1, 9 a.m.–12 p.m. PT
    • Employees take over the Wizards stream to play MTG Arena, MTGO, and generally goof around in the pursuit of charity.
    Nov. 2, 4 p.m.–12 a.m. PT
    • Our Game Day stream will feature multiple influencers playing Magic: The Gathering Arena and competing in "special" challenges. You'll just have to tune in…

    Streamer Campaign
    Finally, we're holding something of a competition among streamers to raise the most for Extra Life. Interested streamers can create Extra Life pages and join the Magic super team—competing either alone or in teams of up to six. The Top 8 teams will get access to codes for their audience, featuring an early access premium card style for Inspiring Veteran. 

    Everything Else
    • Donations of at least $20 during the Wizards of the Coast Extra Life streaming event on Nov. 2 from 3 p.m.–midnight PT will receive a Magic Online code, distributed by Extra Life, that redeems for one of each of the following:
      • 1 random alternate art shock land (chosen from among Blood Crypt, Temple Garden, Godless Shrine, Watery Grave, Hallowed Fountain, Sacred Foundry, Overgrown Tomb, Steam Vents, Stomping Ground, and Breeding Pool)
      • 1 nontradeable Ajani, Extra Life Mascot avatar
      • 1 nontradeable Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Magic and Friendship avatar
    • Extra Life playmats, shirts, pins, and stickers sold through the MTG Pro Shop.

    For more information, check out extralife.wizards.com