• TrotMania V Shrive Has Been Released Along New Original Songs!

    The energetic musical fan game TrotMania got its newest version released, titled Shrive! Time for the enthusiasts to dance and shake your tails to many many originals and fan favorites alike, once again in a new improved package!
    "On September 8, 2019, TrotMania V: Shrive got released, featuring over 100 tracks, enhancements for the hundreds of backcatalog songs, and a new interface and QOL improvements. One of the most notable additions are original tracks from outside of the team."
    Some of those new original tracks already got a YouTube release, check out Foozogz's track Tea And Corruption, Blythe the Fantasian's track Séquence de vie, and MRP Pony's track Hearts and Hooves!
    Find more info about the new iteration of the popular StepMania ponification here, and download it from here!