• Rarity Day Discussion: Episode Ideas, Head Canons, and More!

    I have to admit when I first started watching the show way back when season 1 was airing the first few episodes I watched I wasn't quite sure if I would like Rarity. She came off, at first, as the stereotype in most programs aimed at girls as the vain fashion lover as the show hadn't given her a time to really shine yet. That all changed with Suited for Success where she came across as far more than that: a business mare, a true artist, a caring individual to her friends, and yes, a fashion lover. 

    Since then Rarity has had her ups and downs like all of the characters in the series. She has had her moments where it seemed as if she had taken some steps back while others were huge leaps forward. Now with the series wrapping up she seems to be happy with where her life has taken her, accomplishing her dream of opening up multiple shops and having a fashion line of her own she can sell across Equestria and beyond.

    So what do you guys think of Rarity and her journey? Are you satisfied where she ended up? What unresolved business would you have liked to see the show handle or what other situations would you have liked Rarity to face? What are some of your personal head canons concerning our marshmallow mare?

    Talk about all that and more in the comments!

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