• Pony & Brony Feelings Album: Ditherer - Further Notes [Hip Hop]

    New album by Ditherer, new expression of thoughts and feelings using the power of rap music! This one contains a few previously-released tracks, and a lot of brand new songs that just got uploaded to YouTube along the release of the album! Once again Ditherer is paying tribute to many different ponies and also voicing some opinions along other pony rappers who joined, and lovely producers who made sick beats to serve as instrumentals. Among the themes, Ms. Harshwhinny, Vignette Valencia from EQG Rollercoaster of Friendship, Princess Skystar, Applejack, Celestia, and Apple Bloom! Rapping about ponies and expressing your love for them that way, is so wonderful, and we can only thank Ditherer & Friends for being themselves and for being this awesome, a real blessing to our community. Keep it up guys!
    Download the whole album from Bandcamp here, and check out the individual uploads of the songs on YouTube along lyrics in descriptions and fitting cover pictures from Ditherer's channel here!