• Writers for the Final Episodes of the Season

    Since the rest of the season has technically leaked, we got writers for each of the episodes when it happened. Usually that doesn't really spoil anything, but I'll slap a season 9 tag on this post anyway.

    Below the break, get the list!

    She Talks To Angel = Nick Confalone

    Dragon Dropped = Josh Haber

    A Horse Shoe-In
    = Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim {new writer}

    Daring Doubt = Nicole Dubuc

    Growing Up Is Hard To Do = Ed Valentine

    The Big Mac Question = Josh Haber and Michael Vogel

    The Ending of the End - Part 1 = Nicole Dubuc

    The Ending of the End - Part 2 = Michael Vogel

    The Last Problem = Josh Haber

    Thanks to Andrew for sending it.