• More Pony Music! Songs Coming in Many Colors!

    As I've been away for nearly 2 weeks and recently got back with a lot of pony music to catch up on, there's a bit more music in this post! It's worth checking it all out though, to see all that our dedicated and creative community has been up to in the music side! So many releases, including tracks from recent compilation albums! Your adventure starts below the break!

    1. Nyancat380 - Every F###ing Thing Is Wrong Applebloom!
    Instrumental - Flashcore/Speedcore
    Among Nyancat380's many musical experiments, this Flashcore/Speedcore treat is reminding of Extratone and it's so good to see such unusual genres in the community!

    2. 7th Stive - Summer Sunset
    Instrumental - House/Bass House
    A much bouncy tune filled with whomps!

    3. ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ - Flurry Heart's Theme
    Instrumental - Trap
    This one is among my favorites of late from ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ, I thought it did especially great with the melodies complementing the powerful bassline! Also check out ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ's other recent releases, F.R.I.E.N.D.S that is a lovely tribute to S9, Applejack ~ Get High, and Cheese Sandwich ~ I Thought I Needed Laughter!

    4. Daniel Ingram - Living In Color (Skelter Remix)
    Vocal - House
    Exploring House, Skelter delivers an uplifting remix of the beloved ending song from Rainbow Roadtrip, filled with bright vibes!

    5. Neu KatalYst - cmap.exe (feat. Starbrush)
    Vocal - Acid
    With a dual inspiration that includes Sweetie Bot, Neu KatalYst's contribution to PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY even features vocals around that theme at the end!

    6. Wind Sthorm - A l'ombre de la Nouvelle Lune ~ Divine Rencontre
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    Preparing the comeback of their project Erebys, Wind Sthorm aka Damien Nagy is presenting us a new track from its OST that they composed!

    7. Royalpony - Illusion (Final Bronycon 2019) (feat. Achievehunter1)
    Instrumental - Hardstyle
    Part of the Hard With Pony Style project, Royalpony provides a banging and heavy anthem for the occasion of the last BronyCon, with help of Achievehunter1!

    8. Nicolas Dominique - Happy Days Under the Sun
    Instrumental - Trance
    Inspired by ForgaLorga's animation, Nicolas delights with a brand new track that has got a lot of sunny vives indeed!

    9. Etherium Apex - I Will Wait (Covering Mumford & Sons) (feat. Ariel Delgado) [PMV]
    Vocal - Folk Rock
    After music, 3D art, and fanfics, Etherium is adding PMVs to the wide range of fan works that he's making toward MLP! Paying tribute to Bright Mac and Buttercup this time along a cover of Mumford & Sons' song I Will Wait, imbuing it with pony feelings, the multi-skilled musician is presenting us his own lovely PMV to accompany the cover!

    10. Pernegyre - DreSSeS In Style
    Vocal - Hardcore
    Pernegyre did amazing with sampling that famous line "Rainbow Dash always dressed in style" from an earlier gen of MLP! Part of PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY!

    11. Agatan - Are We There Yet (Vocal Cover feat. Step 2 Harmony, BlackGryph0n & Baasik) [Music Video]
    Vocal - Pop
    Agatan covered the iconic and much cherished song from BlackGryph0n and Baasik, along a music video that he filmed at BronyCon with help from friends! This cover and video are just so lovely and emotional, especially for me since that song is quite special for me!

    12. The Empty Tomb - Twilight
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    A top-notch Synthwave track from The Empty Tomb, themed around the inner fight between Twilight and Midnight Sparkle!

    13. Notion - A New Pair of Wings (feat. Vylet Pony) VIP
    Vocal - Future Bass
    Amping up the original, Notion provides an awesome VIP of the Starlight-themed track as a welcome surprise!

    14. RottenTotten - Hive Mind
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    RottenTotten's vocals and lyrics around that changeling concept are so thoughtful and lovely!

    15. FilledSilhoutte - B.Y.B.B
    Vocal - Funky House
    I haven't even watched that EQG special yet, but I'm loving this song about that character! The charm of the yet-to-be-experienced MLP stuff... This is part of FilledSilhoutte's upcoming Rarity-themed album!

    16. GeekBrony & Drummershy - Last Tempest (feat. Vylet Pony) (ROKII Remix)
    Vocal - Electro House
    That song is getting remixed so often by the community, wow! ROKII provides their own quality remix and it sounds so clean and fresh!

    17. Vylet Pony - Healing
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    Another of the songs from Vylet's album Love Letters: Colourless, this one is conveying another part of the story and Dash's character depth as envisioned by the musician, through gorgeous vocals and a very mellow atmosphere!

    18. TheTaZe & Whirly Tail - Waffle
    Instrumental - Happy Hardcore
    Part of A State of Sugar Waffle, TheTaZe's energetic collab with Whirly Tail is very lovely and cute, with lots of bright sounds and melodies!

    19. Power Note - Late Night
    Instrumental - Synthwave
    Under the Power Note alias, Lorris is making many Flutterwonders here with the voice of the Nature-loving pegasus!

    20. Daniel Ingram - Derby Racers (Toby Macarony Remix)
    Vocal - Alternative Electronic
    In his signature style and going for nostalgic sounds too, Toby provides his spin on a show song that is not often remixed!

    21. Jalmaan - Cascade
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    Another song from A State of Sugar Waffle, Jalmaan's Progressive House beauty is quite entrancing!

    22. Zythiria - Manehattan Night Club
    Instrumental - House
    Zythiria is setting the Manehattan Night Club on fire with such a quality track, part of A State of Sugar Waffle!

    23. Rusty - The Broken House VIP
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    A new version of The Broken House from Rusty, always in his signature style that is so unique, and conveying a lot of personal depth! Also check out Rusty's other recent release, Hazy Hallow!

    24. Dijit - Where To Go (feat. Synthis)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    An absolute masterpiece from Ponies at Dawn Skyward that is getting its YouTube release! Starring Synthis' divine vocals, the very emotional track is taking us to higher planes!

    25. TheHappyPony - Encryptep
    Instrumental - Bugbass
    With such a changeling concept, and fitting Chrysalis samples, TheHappyPony is providing such a cool and intriguing musical experience, and is perhaps even inventing a new genre!

    26. Daniel Ingram - The Spectacle (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    Always so appreciated, Rod Steven's Eurobeat remixes of show songs just keep coming, and this one feels so great!

    27. Prey - Element Of Destruction
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    A new pony song from Prey, this one matches its dark and epic concept with fittingly heavy wubs and an ominous atmosphere!

    Omake/Bonus: Pony verse and brony shout-out in Sockhampton's sock puppet show!

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