• Game: Red Code Hazard, a Bio Weapon Reboot, is Now Available!

    The team behind the AnterFOLD games continues with a new release of an older pony project they worked on, revamping the old Resident Evil pony adaptation with new graphics, sound and much more!

    If you want something to play this weekend, check on after the break for the full details!

    We glad to introduce Red Code Hazard, the reboot of Bio Weapon and Resident Evil pony adaptation. We've updated graphics, sound and many other things. Still, Red Code Hazard is repeating Bio Weapon in almost all things. So if you didn't have a chance to meet Bio Weapon or tank controls is not for you, welcome to Red Code Hazard.

    Our discord and site communities are growing up, and all of that is your merit. Yes, we've facebook and twitter, but we more active in our discord channel and at our site.
    Keep up expanding our ranks guys!


    As always thank you for the support!

    The Flaunflare Studios