• FLUTTERSHY Music: Cynifree - What Lies Beyond (eksoka Remix) [Chillstep]

    If you've been following the shining stars of the pony music scene of today, you already know how much love eksoka feels toward Fluttershy, and how the talented musician has been expressing it in various ways in fan works including pony artworks on his DeviantArt and pony music released on his channel and through various initiatives and compilation albums. This new incredible masterpiece from the upcoming A State of Sugar Waffle compilation album is a remix of Cynifree's Flutterchops-powered original that was already so very emotional. Expanding on that magic, eksoka made such a stunning remix with love, showcasing amazing sound design and conveying much love to Fluttershy, and the resulting track definitely matches the gentleness of her personality so very well. An absolute gem, and another in eksoka's streak!