• Rainbow Factory Spiritual Successor Music: Koa - Broken Wings [Drumstep]

    For the occasion of their gig at TrotCon (that happened today), here's an amazing surprise from Mumble Etc, a spiritual successor to Rainbow Factory, made by Koa, General Mumble's fiancĂ©e! Her vocals are just so lovely in this, and I'm quite fond of the melodic aspect of the track and all those melodies happening in the background all throughout. The lyrics are well-thought and the thematic vibes are on point, which makes this a very nostalgic and emotional treat, and the perfect next installment in the trilogy, following Rainbow Factory and Awoken! Also I've heard stories from their gig today, like them playing More Than a Chicken and Koa dressing as a chicken for the occasion! FTW!! Also they played Strangely Obsessed sang by General Mumble live, the song that reflects our obsession with ponies! And of course, they played this new song Broken Wings! Wish I was there! I heard that the gig got recorded, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for that!