• More Pony Music! Let Your Colors Shine!

    Still recovering from the incredible Rainbow Roadtrip special... But pony music waits for no one! The other new releases are compiled in this post so check it all out below the break!

    1. Ardhy Mahardhy - Rainbow
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    A very cute and uplifting track for the cutest pony!

    2. Altius Volantis - Journey's End
    Instrumental - House
    A track full of meaning and feelings, part of Equestrian Journey EP!

    3. RareRhyme - Party In Equestria
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Party with Vinyl and RareRhyme, in this rap track with lovely pony lyrics that cheers for the everlasting magic of Friendship, and our tight-knit community!

    4. Crashie Tunez - Interconnect (Full Album)
    Vocal - Nintendocore
    The bringer of Nintendocore in the community, Crashie Tunez treats us to a full-fledged album that shines with a beautiful black light!

    5. Zero Chaotic - Rebirth (Nemesis VIP)
    Vocal - Hybrid Orchestral
    Very creative and with a heartfelt message sending out much support, this is quite a commendable release!

    6. CisumClassic - Nero's Lament ~ True Power Within (DMC 4 & 5 Crossover)
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    Those who played the Devil May Cry games might appreciate this musical crossover, that immerses us in the world and atmosphere of the games so well!

    7. AnimatronicPony - End Of An Era
    Instrumental - Experimental
    Progressive, intriguing, and enthralling, it is such a blissful trip, and tribute to the End Of An Era as they called it!

    8. Tw3Lv3 & Lorris - Horizon
    Instrumental - Melodic House
    A bouncy and melodic collab from Tw3Lv3 and Lorris that is definitely very cute, and it's part of Equinity 01: Stellar!

    9. Drummershy - You'll Play Your Part (Drum Cover)
    Vocal - Drums
    Drummershy's regular releases of drum covers are always so lovely to see, and they show much talent too. You'll Play Your Part now got its own drum arrangement, recorded live along the original song!

    10. Daniel Ingram - Apples To The Core (Rod Steven Remix)
    Vocal - Eurobeat
    Continuing the streak of Eurobeat remixes of show songs, Rod Steven shows us the many wonders of the genre once again, as Apples To The Core gets revisited!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!