• More Pony Music! Electronic Bangers, Acoustic Songs, Extratone!

    We got a lot of quality in this roundup of songs from all around the community, and even some unexpected treats like new Extratone! May you be up for some rave with electronic greatness, for chilling out with sweet Acoustic tracks, or may you be looking for that one rare track, find it all below the break!

    1. Zephysonas - Transient
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Zephysonas' latest Orchestral beauty is inspired bu Joe Hisaishi's style, and that artwork by Bloodatius!

    2. TheHappyPony - Welcome to the Club!
    Instrumental - Twerk
    So happy to see that pony musicians all around still get inspired to make banging pony party tunes, empowered by the fact that we already got awesome pony party action in the show!

    3. Matías Peñaloza - Better Way to Be Bad (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Instrumental - Piano
    We can always count on Matías to bring us some refined piano arrangements of show songs!

    4. sleepy toaster - Project Steelpony
    Instrumental - Extratone
    A very cool experiment! So good to get new pony Extratone!

    Note: Since the original video got deleted, you may find the WAV file of the song here.

    5. Etherium Apex - Second Prances VIP (feat. Nicole Carino) (Lorris Remix)
    Vocal - Synthwave
    Etherium's classic Starlight-themed masterpiece Second Prances VIP gets revamped by Lorris who gives it an awesome Synthwave spin!

    6. Vylet Pony - At The End of the Rainbow
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternative Electronic
    A very emotional and deep track from Love Letters: Colourless, in which Vylet explores more of Rainbow Dash's feelings as she imagined it!

    7. Ariannu - Over the Sunset
    Instrumental - Progressive House
    For some reason, Tropical House and Progressive House work very well with the theme of Sunset Shimmer! Get Ariannu's blissful and refreshing beauty from the noise.horse label, and be ready for a surprising progression!

    8. Crusader! - Only Me
    Vocal - Acoustic
    A sweet and cute song from Crusader about that impactful and cherished scene at the end of S05E17 Brotherhooves Social! I certainly remember it, and loved it a lot!

    9. Acoustic Tap - Find a Way (Covering Daniel Ingram)
    Instrumental - Acoustic
    A short yet blissful guitar cover of Find a Way from Acoustic Tap, who decored his guitar for the occasion!

    10. Skelter - Rainbow Road
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass
    A DnB treat from Skelter empowered by dark vibes, that is quite impressive!

    11. RIEL - I Am RIEL Pt. 1
    Instrumental - Riddim/Moombahton
    A banging and emotional track from RIEL aka Mr. A.M.!

    Omake/Bonus: Chiptune Brony - Farewell, Aspen (I Miss You x Heart of Thicket Mashup) (A mashup of I Miss You from the game Tales of Phantasia and Heart of Thicket from Chiptune Brony)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!