• Concept Album: Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra - Pillars Of Equestria Part One [Symphonic Metal]

    It is here! The long-awaited new concept album from the Royal Canterlot Symphonic Metal Orchestra, following Fall Of An Empire! This time it's a tale about the Pillars as we know them from the show, and how Stygian gathered them in this "Part One". Complete with an overture and several interludes, and focusing on story-telling, the album features epic character themes of various arrangements and tempos, and many guest musicians and singers who are acing the Pillars' voices! L-Train conducted the "orchestra" and opera so masterfully, and SkyBolt's incredible lyrics and story come to life in the most amazing ways in what is sure to have been a labor of love. The last track in particular was very emotional for me, with that exchange between Stygian, Star Swirl, and the Pillars who sang in harmony, Forged As One! Listen to the whole album along fitting visuals in the video embedded below the break, or from Bandcamp here!