• Brony Thank You Fund's BronyCon Plans

    The Brony Thank You Fund has released a small presser for their plans at BronyCon this year. Expect the charity! It's coming again.

    Get it below.

    All good things must come to an end, but we plan make our last BronyCon a great one. As usual, the Fund will be there raising money to help buck cancer, with our famous vendor discount buttons and calendars. But there are a few changes for our last dance in Baltimore.

    First off, our discount buttons won't be just any ordinary button. We've decided to go big or go home for 2019, with buttons nearly twice the size of the ones you've come to expect. So not only will your $5 donation get you discounts across the dealer's room, it'll also be a great keepsake commemorating the end of BronyCon and Generation 4.

    Also, thanks to some awesome support from the vendor staff, we'll be impossible to miss this year, literally right inside the front door at table 113 (just on the right as you enter.)  That way you have no excuse if you don't stop at use first and waste money buying things without a discount button.

    Finally, anyone purchasing our 2019 anime pony calendar will not only get a button as well (our usual deal), but also a large-format print of the calendar cover featuring Attack on Trottin by Tsitra360.

    So be sure to drop by, help buck the heck out of cancer, and say farewell to the greatest of the pony cons!