• Theme Song Tributes: Koron Korak's Cover [Rock] / PONE177's Remix [Drum & Bass]

    Coincidence or not, these two tributes to Daniel Ingram's famous and beloved Theme Song for MLP got released at about the same time, with less than 15 minutes between the YouTube uploads! First up, Koron's previously hyped cover is an all-out rendition using 5 different instruments, and it has quite an emotional backstory that shows just how important and special this show is to us! Next, PONE177 released his own heartfelt tribute to the show, with a DnB remix of the extended version of the original song, that is so cute and magical! Lots of positive emotions and Equestrian light all around, making the community shine brighter than ever!

    Koron Korak - Theme Song (Covering Daniel Ingram)

    Daniel Ingram - Theme Song (PONE177 Remix)