• Fanfiction: Between Bassdrops and Bowstrings

    [Slice of Life][Romance][Drama]

    Author: Quillian Inkheart
    Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch are musicians and the best of friends; despite this, the two couldn't be more different. But when Octavia leaves Ponyville to find her fortune, she learns that her friend might have been all she ever really needed.
    Meanwhile, Vinyl finds herself trapped in the shadow of her father, struggling to make her own fame. Follow them, and many other Equestrian musicians, as they further their musical careers, meet new friends, find love, and experience loss. Together, they encounter dangers, challenges and, ultimately, face the greatest realization of all - what it means to accept one's own destiny.
    Using songs of the fandom for inspiration, this story was crafted to show the love of music in all it's forms, but also the love music brings to those around it and the love MLP has brought to myself and others.

    Between Bassdrops and Bowstrings

    Additional Tags: Love Letter to The Fandom's Musicians