• Compilation Album: The Experimental Bronies & noise.horse - Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time

    So I just got back from the live release party over at noise.horse's Discord server and WOW I'm blown away, so many amazing and VERY creative tracks on this album, and lots of emotion too, I teared up quite a few times. Also that last post-show part was so cuddly and we were just supporting each other and sharing so much love, shout-out to all the party ponies and the crew, you are all wonderful! If you missed the party but still want to catch up with what happened, you can watch the full stream that's available on noise.horse's YouTube channel here. But above all, make sure to grab this new compilation album Out of Limit 4: The Philosophy of Time that is just so blissful and emotional, with many treats from talented musicians ranging from Ambient to Hardcore and even including an Experimental Rock track!

    (Continued below)

    What I especially loved are the Ambient tracks, and the 10 minutes-long Experimental tracks that are SUCH an amazing experience, seriously the journey is so worth it and I couldn't help be impressed by the sheer creativity and art behind those tracks, that often make for a unique experience and lots of emotion. Familiar faces of the scene like Madoka Mapper, DAϟH, Kakofonous A. Dischord, r_chase, flankƨy and Agents of Discord contributed with stellar experiments, while welcome enthusiasts such as Tripon, InklingBear, Nevermourn and Viricide Filly added their own amazing contributions crafted with their own special musical visions. And there's even more treats from all around in the community, including tracks from FrøstFyre, Deformed Stuufysh, Altius Volantis and more! Everypony did so incredible! Savor the experience, breaking the boundaries of time and space... The album is available on Bandcamp here.