• APPLEJACK Music: The Wonderbolts - What You See Is What You Get [Classic Rock]

    The awesome Wonderbolts are welcoming a new member to the band, and bass player and vocalist Mongo just does amazing in this Applejack-themed song written by Galen! The lyrics are just so full of her character depth and I so appreciate that, and they are sung in such a blissful Classic Rock voice, that is SO perfect for Applejack!! Galen's guitars also have that irresistible Classic Rock sound and style that I affectionate so much, and the solo part is pure love!! And our favorite zebra drummer is on this track as well, bringing in that energy perfectly. Overall this new track is SUCH a gem, an absolute masterpiece of pony and rock, and the playful artwork used as cover art completes it so well. Lots of love to all the musicians!! Keep it uuuup, you're so awesome!! Now let's celebrate the new song til sundown, for the Wonderbolts and Applejack!