• Vinyl and Octavia Day - Open Art Compilation

    I didn't run into this one until after I was done with the Vinyl and Octavia best of, and it's absolutely amazing. As usual for Harwick!

    We've got a ton of other drawings below. Get them below from all skill levels, pro and newb! Thanks to everyone that submitted keeping these days active!

    [1] Source

    By Harwick

    [2] Source

    by Devinbay on Twitter

    [3] Source

    Getaway by bobthedalek

    [4] Source

    Oh Nothing, Just My BASS CANNON - The Vintage Pone by thevintagepone

    [5] Source

    Sweet Sleeping Melody by SpellboundCanvas

    [6] Source

    Can I try? by Bluejay-1

    [7] Source

    Squishy Raft Trip with Vinyl and Octi by RupertBlueFox

    [8] Source

    Octavia Vinyl by SummerGem31

    [9] Source

    Concierto Barroco by GafelPoez

    [10] Source

    Dee Jay PON3 vs Fei-LongTavia - Rhythm in acting by DON2602

    [11] Source

    Vinyl Scratch as Enja by DON2602

    [12] Source

    Octavia Melody as Suija by DON2602

    [13] Source

    The Heist by xPhiL1998

    [14] Source

    Monster Hunter: Vinyl Scratch by xPhiL1998

    [15] Source

    Monster Hunter: Octavia by xPhiL1998

    [16] Source

    Get Along Shirt by Addelum

    [17] Source

    Tavia by Renarde-Louve

    [18] Source

    by Lukester Gamer on Twitter

    [19] Source

    Vinyl And Octavia by mr100dragon100

    [20] Source

    by t72b

    [21] Source

    by t72b

    [22] Source

    by t72b

    [23] Source

    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch's tribute to Aladdin by daimando

    [24] Source

    Octavia and Vinyl Scratch by BrekrofMadness

    [25] Source

    Lost in the Melody by WritePillar

    [26] Source

    Vinyl and Octavia Day 2019 by AndoAnimalia

    [27] Source

    ''We do have other interests, you know'' by TexasUberAlles

    [28] Source

    Vinyl Scratch and Octavia's friendship rating is by ioncorupterx

    [29] Source

    Octavia by rainbows2424

    [30] Source

    Octavia and DJ Pon-3 by SadTrooper

    [31] Source - DoodleDot

    [32] Source - Foxpool

    [33] Source